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June 16, 2011


oh friends
I think we need these!
get your own set here
Pretty excited to have some drinks on Friday night with some fabulous ladies from college right here in my neighborhood.
We're starting out with southern screwdrivers on the deck and bar hopping in the fan afterwards.
I sure hope this momma can keep up!  


  1. Holy crap those are hillarious and so true for me! I am the least outdoorsy girl ever! Have so much fun! BTW what is a southern screwdriver? Do I need to add this to my drink list? xoxo

  2. Southern screwdriver as in Firefly and orange juice??

    btw, the glasses are hilarious.

  3. Those are totally necessary! Love them!

  4. Haha---those glasses are hilarious!! Sounds like a great fun friday!

  5. Pretty sure I need those too... :)

  6. bahaha!!! I definitely need a set!!! I so love your blog!! Just want to make sure I have sent you an invite to read mine, if I haven't, send me an email ( and I will send one to you right away!


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