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pool baby

June 17, 2011

A little preview of what Baby Girl has been up to!
Swimming with her MoMo and her Daddy.
Thankfully her momma managed to hide from the camera while swimming with that sweet water baby!

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  1. She is the cutest thing ever! Love her bikinis, what a stylish baby girl! Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  2. omg those little bikinis are the cutest things ever! she's a doll!

  3. so sweet! she is so precious! I LOVE momo's colorful suit! Where is it from? It is so cute! I know what you mean about dodging the camera:)


  4. I wanna put her in my pocket! xoxo shel

  5. Awww! My little one isn't quite big enough for the pool just yet so we are having major bikini envy!


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