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June 1, 2011

Potty mouth

I don't usually do three posts in one day but this caught my eye and I just had to share!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must you use the "c" word? It made an otherwise happy post feel so vulgar.
Om, is this a joke?  That comment was in reference to this:
"Holy Crap, it's almost June."
Hi, I'm Julia and I have a potty mouth and a sarcastic side that's really only mildly clever at best. 
Here is a list of all the vulgar words you are likely to read on this blog so consider yourselves fair-warned:
1.  amazeballs (my personal favorite)
2. biotches (a long standing top contender)
3.  shizz/shit (used for both positive and negative description)
4.  effing (my all time favorite word. Can be used as an adjective, a verb, and a noun.  Name another word that talented) 
5.  flippin (also used in exchange with effing)
6.  Hell (and not in reference to the bible)
7.  Jeebus (as in thank you jeebus)
8.  sucks (there's just no way around this one)
9.  I also discuss things like selling my next child for a Louis Ghost chair or having extra-marital affairs with wallpaper and stalking fab designers.  I'm actually just kidding.  I would do none of those things.
10.  I've been known to illicit single ladies for both my brother (who's single) and my brother-in-law (who's now taken) through this blog although I am not in fact a madame.  My bank account should prove that.
11. I discuss drinking inappropriate amounts of wine.  This is no joke.  It leads to blog-stalking and over-commenting not DUI's or rehab.  It's all good.
I think I find this so odd because I'm lame and my wit falls short compared to some of my faves.
If you like inappropriate commentary please run here.  Chicks gotta it down.  You will LOVE!
This here is also a fun read that highlights pretty spaces with commentary that will make you spit out your coffee.


  1. You forgot freakin and son of a nutcracker oh and mother of pearl!

  2. I frickin' love you shiz! You are so effin' awesome in my book! Keep it up with some cupcake charodanny and your humor, it lightens up my day!

  3. Oh I have a potty mouth too! Love!

  4. hilarious, and love the fact that you sent her over to MFAMB, she (or he) ought to love her ;)

  5. Love potty mouth! And yours isnt even bad! :) Sounds like "Anonymous" needs a glass of wine or 2!!

  6. Is this real life?

    Wow, some people need a chill pill! Oops, I just discussed pill popping- that's totally inappropriate =)

  7. so my potty mouth must be rated r and wine is never inappropriate.

  8. I love a good roast fest here! (c: I'm pretty sure everyone else has covered the whole "shaming anonymous into feeling like an idiot" chanel, so I will just say that I adore your wit and humor, never change my darling, especially for the crazies!

    P.S. I will tell my mother to stop leaving anonymous comments on your blog (c: hehehe...I couldn't help myself!!!

  9. crap crap crap crap crappy crap

    I effing love you and your blog :)

  10. I love naughty words

  11. Come on... 'crap' made the post "vulgar"??? Guess, I'm effing vulgar along with the rest of you biotches.

  12. AnonymousJune 02, 2011

    Oh pal. I don't even think our friendship would be what it was if it wasn't for our combined vulgarities. You are the Juice to my Jen (gin).

  13. I LOVE this post!! SUCH a beautiful space!! It's simple yet stands out at the same time!! GORGEOUS! I love the entry way too!!!

    Thanks for sharing!! New follower here!!

  14. hahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!!

    ps - i like saying amazeballs too...I guess I'm a potty mouth!

  15. Anonymous can suck it!!! It looks like you have several potty mouthed peeps in your corner, keep on with your potty mouth self!!!!!


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