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July 19, 2011

Blush & bashful

I'm so obsessed lately with soft pastels.
Nude & blush are my two new favorites.

*no small sizes left, sorry ladies*

{Gap Kids Spring line}

I even used this outfit I found on pintrest as the inspiration for one of my favorite new summer outfits
On a side note, wish me luck.
A very sad and cranky BabyGirl and I are driving down to Pawleys today from Richmond.
She's been missing her Daddy pretty steadily for a few days now and all last night we kept reminding her "tomorrow you can get in the car with mommy and go see Daddy"
Well guess who woke up before 6am this morning calling for her Daddy, refusing a bottle or breakfast, and walked around the whole house looking for him.  The saddest was when she went to the front door and opened it looking for him.
And we thought she was just a momma's girl.


  1. Awww so sweet about BabyGirl! Hope you guys have a safe trip. As far as the muted colors - love them! They are so pretty and feminine!

  2. Everything is so pretty!

    Poor baby.

    Coastal Blue Ocean

  3. Where did you get your top in the last picture?? I am obsessed!

  4. Oops...meant to leave my

  5. Oh thats so sweet! Good luck driving, what a doll :)

  6. aww so sweet! Sterling is such a mama's boy and it makes Matt so sad. Love the Halston blush dress!


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