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July 7, 2011

Pawleys Island

Things might be a little short around here for a few days while we're visiting our house in Pawleys.  
We don't have "the internets" down there and I'm going off line cold turkey.
I know lots of y'all go down to Pawleys yourselves so I thought I'd share some of my favorites from around town!

~Pawleys Island~

What to wear:
wearing Trina Turk top, Ray Ban SunniesMelanie Gayle (in Snider Plaza) necklace, Banana Republic clutch & shorts.

What to do:
1.  Kudzu Bakery
Amazing cookies, sandwiches, gourmet treats & sauces.
Try the sugar cookies and the crab quiche

2.  Roz's 
In the Hammock Shops.  Chicken Salad on a salad with Roz's dressing

3.  The Joggling Board
Half Lilly Pulitzer/Half children's boutique.

4.  Currents Home Furnishings
It's wear I bought my round couch and several smaller accesory items for my home.
You'll adore their merchandise and the stylish vignettes they create

5.  Frank's Outback
yummy food, outdoor lighting, good wine list

6.  The Pit (Pawleys Island Tavern)
live music and good pizza

7.  (Pawleys Island/the beach) 
would be a bit ridiculous not to mention

8.  Fresh Market
just opened last week.  I hear there's a candy aisle and a salad bar.  
This is big news for PI.

9.  Front Street (Georgetown)
My favorites are The Rice Paddy & The River Room for eating and Doodlebugs for buying precious smocked clothes BabyGirl will outgrow next week.

10.  Marsh Walk (Murrells Inlet)
 A boardwalk lined with boats on the marsh full of fun restaurants and bars. 

Tell me now, what are your favorite spots in Pawleys?


  1. My favorite places in Pawleys are Penny Lane and (formerly) Woodville Circle! XOXOXOXOXOXO

  2. Ummm never been but I must now after reading this list, thanks!

  3. Reading this reminds me of my childhood! Besides the beach one of my favorite places is the hammock shops sampling the homemade fudge:)

  4. Sounds fantastic! Wish I could go. Have a nice time and enjoy your time unplugged.

  5. I'm at Litchfield for a week every month when the kids aren't at school. We were there for the Fresh Market's big opening last nice to have somewhere new to shop for food!

    I hit The Joggling Board....tons of Lilly was 40% off.

    I'm dying for Perrone's to open back up. I emailed the owners last week and they said it's another month or so.

    The cinnamon raisin bread at Kudzu is like crack.

  6. CANNOT BELIEVE THEY HAVE A FRESH MARKET!!!!! We arrive Friday! Are you sure we can borrow?? I will pay a rental fee! And when are you coming over for wine? I'm headed to the Hammock Shops ASAP for some Tiger Butter Fudge!

  7. I love Barefoot Elegance at the Hammock Shops. So many cute things! When I'm in that area I also recommend Lee's Inlet Kitchen...the hush puppies are to die for!

  8. LOVE ALL of your suggestions. I am from Murrell's Inlet..worked at both Rice paddy and the River Room (the 2 Susan's sold the paddy) sigh.. Love georgetown and pawley's and bought alot of my 3 girls their smocked dresses and lilly wear from the Joggling board! You have an adorable baby!


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