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Baptism Pictures

August 4, 2011

We procrastinated getting our baby girl baptized for almost a year.
We are so thankful that our family could join us in sprinkling an extra dose of Jesus into her heart.
We are also so blessed to have chosen the most amazing godparents for our sweet girl.  Seth and Amanda are both so dear to hearts and we're so grateful they've chosen to be a special part of Wells' life as well as ours.
You know the drill;  any excuse for a photo op!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! We didn't baptize Sterling til he was 9 months. Love her sweet dress.

  2. Just beautiful! Love the pearls.



  3. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!!

  4. All precious photos and my favorite is the one with the pearls. She's a doll!

  5. she is so precious... and I love the pearl necklace on her!!

  6. I know I've said it before, but she is just breathtakingly beautiful. What special pics!

  7. I saw these pictures on Pinterest. I absolutely adore her dress and would like to find a similar one for my daughter's first birthday pictures. Did you happen to find it online? If so, would you mind sharing the source?


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