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August 26, 2011

Family Portrait outfit inspiration

sept photoshoot

Okay, Jaime-this one's for you!
Here's an outfit inspiration for another family's photoshoot next week.  
They wanted to stick with blues as well!
This family of four is going to be well coordinated and I can't wait for our session next week!



  1. Hey! Thanks for the compliments on the girls' clothes!! Unfortunately, it'll be awhile before I consider selling them. There's a chance another little girl of mine will be wearing them someday...not a guarantee...but saving them, just in case! :) And yes, we loved Pawley's! Had the best time! The beach is so great there!! I know now why you hated to leave it!!

  2. I LOVE your outfit inspiration posts, because we NEVER know what to wear and I always feel like we look blah when getting photos taken.

    I hope you guys are safe and sound from the hurricane!

  3. Thank you! This makes me want to go shopping!


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