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August 22, 2011

Family Portraits {Charleston, SC}

What an amazing family I got to photograph while I was in Charleston recently!
Kristen and her beautiful family were so patient and ready to do their thing quickly in order to squeeze this shoot in before the rain came.
What a special treat to capture three generations of women and the men closest to them!

Baby Avery and her big blue eyes clearly stole the show!
Daniel Island, SC


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I swear your pictures just keep getting better and better!

  2. As always, beautiful! I love the one with the father and daughter. So sweet!

  3. Beautiful photos!
    And talk about great genes! I kept looking for the three generations of women... I saw the baby girl and her momma and then I kept seeing what I thought was the momma's sister! I hope I look that good when I am a grandma!

  4. Great shots! I adore Lacey's family one too! You are very talented!

  5. Please tell me when you are taking pics on Daniel Island. I live on Daniel Island right near this park. I'd love to have you photograph my boys!!


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