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August 24, 2011

Family Portraits {Charleston, SC}

I had the opportunity to photograph gorgeous girly girl Lacy surrounded by her handsome men during their vacation in Charleston last week.
I can't even stand how stylish this family is!

Can we talk about the blue eyes on baby Luke?

 Or the suspenders on wild man Noah?

 Thank you so much for the opportunity to play with your family for a bit and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you girl that y'all get to make the big move down south!
The Cistern at the College of Charleston
I'll be back in the Charleston area next week for two more photoshoots and can probably squeeze in one more if anyone is interested.  
Shouldn't be any trouble, Matthew is dying for some extra one-on-one time with Wells.



  1. Awe you are so sweet!! You did such a great job I love the photos!! Hope to see you on my next trip to Charleston! xo

  2. #5 and 14 are my favorites!!!! Cute cute family!

  3. Yay! I adore every one of glad you two did this :) No she can't move to Charleston she has to move back here :) I need her! You have all the awesome girls already....xoxo.

  4. Gorgeous photos! What a beautiful family and you can't go wrong with the scenery of Charleston in the background.

  5. What a beautiful family and beautiful photos. I think my favorite is the close up photo of little Luke face to face with him mom. How sweet!

  6. The pics are fabulous, but the FYI made me extra happy! Coffee date? And we both know that Wells will just go to your parent's house :)

  7. Ok this makes me want to have two boys adorable! Coffee date for shizzle if you can handle my crazy little man again!

  8. Gorgeous piccies!! Love your blog, I have been following it for a while now and it is inspirational! Congratulations on your new baby bump.....I adore children, I have five and they are such a blessing!


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