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August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Bring it



  1. Love this photo. I've been looking for the perfect pair of rainboots for Lilly. Obs want the Hunters, but considering how fast her feet grow and I have a hard time doing that!
    Looks like we excaped Irene, but you should DEF still come and check on the house :)

  2. Love this!!! We live on the coast in Texas so we generally board up and {plant to} evacuate once a season. I feel for you all on the east coast this weekend.

    Hope you are dry and safe!

  3. too cute! Can't wait til my babe is big enough to wear those! BE SAFE!!!

  4. Love that picture! Have my hunters in the hall ready for me to take little Baxter out when it gets bad here. Stay safe!

  5. This picture is darling. I love rain boots (: Hope you guys are safe and sound!

  6. Love Love the photo!!! Be safe darling!! I love ya!!

  7. What a darling photo! Hope you are safe! My thoughts are with all those affected by Irene.


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