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August 30, 2011

Maternity Dresses {top shop}

Three great choices all under $100 ladies!
On the road today to South Carolina!
We'll be in Pawleys by mid-day and Charleston later this week!
What are y'all doing for Labor Day?



  1. I'm having a doozy of a time finding a dress for my first shower on Sept. 10th. It's going to be pretty formal and I'm afraid the Richmond stores are not going to help me out! AUGH!

  2. Really adore the first two dresses! Love Topshop!

  3. Awe Miss Julia, you will make the cutest pregnant girl ever... I say WILL because when I saw you 2 weeks ago you still didn't even look pregnant and had way hot, skinny legs.. Not fair!!

  4. Great dresses! Wow! Why didnt I know about this when I was preggos?
    Are you pregnant?
    Sorry, I have been really out of the loop because I have been spending all of my time with baby boy!
    If so....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!

  5. OMGosh you're preagnant!? Gee I'm so dumb!... Only now I realised that! Congratulations. You have the most adorable baby girl! Mom's that give birth to such gorgeous babies, should be sponsored to have at least 5!!! LOL. ;))) big kiss to you


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