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August 10, 2011

maternity fashion


Okay, so now that the cat's out of the bag, I'm going to try to help us all out by navigating the under-discussed topic of maternity fashion.
Under the belly, over the belly, I dream of mimi-motherhood in a peapod.  
Blah Blah Blah.
It's all pretty much horrendously expensive for things you'll only wear for 3, maybe 4 months or it's so heinous you'd feel hotter in your husbands discarded t-shirts and old boxers.
I'm no fashion expert nor do I plan to purchase everything I blog about.  I just figured since I've technically been pregnant for three summers in a row (yes, sadly the first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage) and I'm vain enough to care what I step out of the house in, that makes me some sort of self-appointed expert.  
I'm not trying to score a part time gig on babycenter so I'll pretty much be leaving the "expert advice"shoved in the bottles of wine I'm not supposed to be drinking and stick to putting together pretty little boards full of real life outfit inspiration for everything from soiree's to grocery shopping.
Let's shoot for an outfit a week, shall we?
I've got a few bloggers in mind whom I'd love to help me out with this little project so hopefully you'll see some more stylish momma's stepping up their game on here pretty soon! 


Gold Dress:  Edition maternity
$369 -

Spanx maternity
$32 -

Kate Spade patent leather shoes
$149 -

Tasha jeweled clutch
$70 -

Floral earrings
$13 -

Coralia Leets teardrop jewelry
$295 -

Irene Neuwirth pave jewelry
$9,680 -



  1. Congratulations! I'm very excited for you! I'm 19 weeks pregnant, and I generally loath the maternity wear options (I'm petite and find it so hard to find stuff that looks cute on my shorter frame). I'm looking forward to your outfit suggestions. Also, thanks for sharing the nursery reveal-I wasn't familiar with Southern Bourbon Mountains and now it's one of my faves. She makes me feel much better about wanting to eat McDonald's French Fries. :)

  2. Oh congrats! That outfit rocks! Oh oh oh Get Chassity to blog!

  3. Hah - You are AWESOME. I am 7 mos pregnant and this post just about makes my day.

  4. I just heard your fantastic news, girlie! Congrats!!! My first was born in January and my two are only 21 months apart, so I'm feeling you on the exhaustion! But they really do love each other and have a good time now that they are getting a little older...I'm completely not saying they don't fight...but they love each other! (c: I LOVE this sparkly dress...I pretty much just found regular clothes that would *work* for maternity and bought those...maternity clothes are expensive! And with so many flowy/high waisted styles, why not? (c:

  5. Congrats from a Pawley's Island transplant (summers before Hugo wrecked the house) now in Charlottesville, VA (and pregnant). I can't wait to see the maternity clothes. At least Ella Moss and Splendid have a maternity line this go round!

  6. Love that you threw a $10k pair of earrings on this board ;)

  7. Beautiful roundup my dear. You know I'm in!

  8. Maternity clothes are not the greatest and why double the price. Good jeans and leggins are key!


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