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August 11, 2011

Washington DC

I'm headed to DC today to pick up my sister and my favorite nephew Graham from the airport.
This is Wells' first trip to the city and I'm so excited for a day full of lunching, shopping, and drinking wine wearing the outfit below.

Oh wait.
Reality check.
Let's make that a day full of pushing a stroller around the mall in 90 degree heat and rubbing shoulders with foreign tourists in tank tops at the mildly air conditioned Smithsonian's.
All the while avoiding a meltdown from both my child and my makeup.
I'm pretty sure we'll both end up a hot mess.

Kinda of like this

Plus this

equals this:

But seriously, I'm so excited for a fun play date in DC and then some Wells & Graham time



  1. I just Love you! This post made my day, you crack me up ;)

  2. haha. I do seriously love that first outfit though! Have fun sweating your ass off with the crowds:)

  3. Hahah! Thanks for the morning laugh! Next time you're up this way, let me know, I'll meet you for coffee, lunch, etc! Have fun!!

  4. Haha! Perfect am wakeup. And at least we have low expectations. See you and w soon!

  5. Thats to funny! You'll have a blast...wishing you no crying babies :)

  6. have fun! I love that outfit. she looks so chic. I wish I could be her

  7. Bahahahahahaha. Love this. Glad you ended up having fun tho.


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