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August 26, 2011

Yoga clothes

So I got the most comfortable and cute yoga wear last night at one of the lame maternity stores at the mall.  Destination maternity had a host of perky and helpful salesladies with a giant play pen and tv in the center of the store to help occupy my husband and child while I spent 45 minutes picking out sweatpants I normally wouldn't be caught dead in.
But I'm pregnant.  
With a 13 month old.
Oh right.
I'm thinking a well fitting pair of stretch pants might be the best I can do this fall/winter.
I have to say I'm pretty impressed with them so far.
I've been wearing them all day and I feel as good about myself as I would if I'd really gone to yoga not just CVS.
I'm almost 5'9 and these pants are actually long enough which is something I've never been able to find in regular pants.  They're the fold under kind which I'm not usually a fan of though they seem pretty amazing at this stage.  
Let's talk about the tank.
It's a nice creamy white color and soft as my first child's hiney.
It's long enough to cover all that needs to be covered, although definitely not tunic length.  
Super stretchy, and smooth, not ribbed so I lose the wife-beater look.
I also picked up a fabulous pair of over-the-belly black leggings with a fabulous and bulky zipper up the sides.  Pretty sure I owned a similar pair in fifth grade.  
They were on the sale rack and I can't find them anywhere on the website.
What did y'all wear the most of while preggars?



  1. I wore leggings the whole time I was pregnant and we were due around the same time. Check out Target, they have the best tanks. I wish I could remember the brand- they are not Liz Lange but they come in white and black and look like yoga wear and are fabulous. I wore them all the time even though I probably looked like a beached whale.....

  2. I'm almost positive I have the same pants. Solid black, fold over top...I wore those nonstop pregnant. And nonstop after baby with Target nursing tanks. I would just throw on a large cardigan if someone came over. The rest of my pregnancy i wore Target or Old Navy maternity jeans, boots, and preggo sweaters after the 5th month. Target had some cute stretchy dresses and I had a gorgeous blue Olian one I loved. I refused to spend $$ on big clothes! You are adorable!

  3. Comfort is SO key for me too. Don't make me make a trip to the scuzzy Charleston malls to hip up Destination Maternity (yes Chas has good shopping but it's NOT at our malls). I live in dresses and leggings durning pregnancy. And of course sweats everyday around the house, like right now :)

  4. Love the skinny jeans with the white top! I love Pea in the Pod's leggings. Motherhood Maternity has cheap things that can be cute too. I got a lot of long sweaters to wear with leggings or skinny jeans from there.

  5. These are great.

  6. Leggings, leggings, leggings! I realized they were yoga pants I could wear to dinner and not be judged. God bless 'em. Poptart is 8mos old and I'm still sailing the leggings train....oops.

  7. I love these maternity clothes posts! I'm also pregnant, due in February, AND have a 13 month old. So I appreciate the cute but comfortable clothing suggestions; thanks!

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