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September 16, 2011

anonymous comments

I have so many sweet readers who aren't official followers and I love each of y'all and your willingness to share your thoughts through comments.  However, there are a few reasons that have caused me to no longer accept anonymous comments.  
The first being the large amount of inappropriate spam that clogs up my inbox everyday.  While most of them are in foreign languages with characters I'm not smart enough to decipher, I can only assume half of these are filled with viruses and I don't want to pass that along to anyone!
The second is that I like the relationships formed through blogging and so many of y'all leave such sweet words and thoughtful questions and I have no real way of answering you back.  
And lastly, just a quick reminder to those who know me in person.  While this may be a public blog there are certain details regarding my private life that my husband and I choose not to share.   I know it's hard to distinguish, especially when so many of y'all know me in "real life" and there are things that I talk openly about to you that I may not want disclosed here for the public to weigh in on.  So please remember that if there are details regarding my life that I have discussed with you in person I'd prefer you ask follow up questions in person and not anonymously in respect for my family's privacy.  
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