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September 20, 2011

beauty talk

Am I the last woman in America to own a lighted makeup mirror?
I spend 20 minutes in front of my cousin's vanity, sorry Libby, last week obsessing over my dirty face.
My make-up-free-clean-or-so-I thought dirty pore-filled 3x magnified face.
So I went to walmart today and bought the only one they had.
Huge disappointment.
First of all, it was neon purple and I'm a big believer in first impressions so I knew we were off to a bad start.
Second, after putting in the batteries I'd say it cast a light yellow glow around the barely magnetized mirror at best.
So ladies, please tell...
I'm now more addicted to pore watching than RHBH Season 2 so please dish...
which brand/model do y'all recommend?

And I don't want something for nothing so I'll share my most favorite skin care products just so you don't feel used.
I've been fully committed to Trish McEvoy and her line for far longer than my husband if that tells you anything.

Here are my favorites, in order of use:

For day:

For night:
Okay, so you might be asking yourself which face wash product I use.
Well, to be honest I don't.
I hate washing my face.
For reals.
I pretty much always use some sort of cheap facial cleansing wipe (biore or ponds) from walmart if I bother at all.

What about you?
Any products you swear by?
Anything you buy generic paper towels in order to fund?
What about beauty regimens you skip altogether?



  1. Ok, I have the best make-up mirror ever. It is from Bed Bath and Beyond. It lights up and maginfys amazingly. It was not too cheap I think around $60 but if you use the 20 percent off coupon it is a better deal. I can't find a brand on it anywhere except underneath it says Fluxide Company. I can text you a picture if you want. My mom and I swear by this mirror and supposedly Kyle from RHBH uses the same mirror. Face wash Purpose all the way and it is cheap.

  2. Nope, I avoid those mirrors like the plague! Hate when I even see one in a hotel room bc I know I'll just sit and agonize and (gasp) pick!

  3. Oh man, get me in a hotel with a good mirror and I'll be in the bathroom for a good hour plucking my eyebrows to death and squeezing every pore on my face :D I don't have one at home, but totally need one. That way I'll never leave the bathroom and can ignore even more laundry, hehehe!

    I'm bad about products, but really need to get better because I'm starting to see wrinkles *eeek*

    I wash my face with a Dove bar and use plain ol Olay lotion. I don't even know where to start when it comes to preventative products - there are too many on the market :(

    Wow - longest comment ever!

  4. Costco has one right now. Didn't look at it as was rushing through. With acne-prone skin I am still on salytic acid washes and a treatment lotion. Current issue occurred over a year ago with pregnancy. Skin darkened in all the wrong places. Still nursing 1-2 times/day, attempting to wean. Need advice on what to use - highly considering going to the dermatologist!!!

  5. This reminds me of Charlotte on SATC when she studied her pores for an hour every night. I bet her mirror was a good one!
    A friend of mine got me onto La Mer products. That was a bad idea. I like my La Mer a lot, but I also need to send my poor child to college in 17 years. I'd love to find a less costly substitute once I run out of my current La Mer collection. Suggestions are always appreciated!

  6. A friend of mine got me hooked on a new line called
    Eraclea. Go to and you can view their products. Decently priced but the downside is they only last about 2 months. I still feel like I'm shelling out a good bit and wonder if the good ole Olay Regenerist at Target is just as good!! I will say the Bamboo scrub by Eraclea is awesome as is the Vitamin C Serum.

  7. Ahhh it's so funny to realize that other people from the other side of the world do the same things we do!! I also have that on my 'must have' list and I thoght I was the only person on earth who didn't have one yet!! I close myself in the hotel bathrooms for hours to do the whole facial stuff... Now where could a girl from Europe buy Trish McEvoy products? Online I mean... Does anybody know? I would like to try them and I don't think we get them in Europe...


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