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September 8, 2011

better days

Thank y'all so much for all of your sweet support last night.
My phone was dinging left and right and each comment and text made me smile and feel so validated.
I love that I can share my bad moments on here too, and not just the all-is-well fluff!
Feels good to keep it real
Besides, my bad attitude didn't last long.
It couldn't.
It is seriously imPOSSIBLE to stay in a bad mood when this sweet little buggie starts belly laughing.
My husband calms me down
but she puts me in check
with reality
and honestly, my reality, what's important really, is oh so sweet.
I'm also not going to bad mouth the practice as a whole because they were completely professional.  
The nurses were so sweet and tried to cheer me up while I teared up.
The accurate medical information the nurse practitioner gave me would have been met by less hostility had I been staring into my baby's eyes and counting fingers and toes and body parts in-utero.
And some women might have been pleased as punch to learn they were still eligible for a drug-free sweaty push party.



  1. I just Love you Julia! You always make me smile, and your post last night had me and husband cracking up! yes I make Todd read most of your post and yes he loves them as much as I do! PS I could just eat Wells up in the above picture!

  2. I guess you are judging other women's choices when you mock them for choosing a "drug-free, sweaty push-party".

  3. Hate that the doc didn't go the way you wanted, but glad you are feeling better...hang in there!

  4. I know a fabulous Ob/ why don't you just move to Louisiana and go to him :-)

  5. Sweet Sweet Wells, love that picture. Glad you're feeling better about everything today.

  6. Anonymous said...
    I guess you are judging other women's choices when you mock them for choosing a "drug-free, sweaty push-party".

    Dear Anonymous: please dont read my friends blog; you are simply rude and arrogant; please do everyone a favor and remove yourself.

    I love you my sweet dear Friend!

  7. Soooo terribly sorry for your bad experience and happy to hear you're having a better day - you deserve it! Search around, you'll find the right ob/gyn match for you ..don't settle.

    Dear Anonymous,
    Each mother's decision is HER own, don't be a hater.

  8. Well this is fantastic; Holly just made both my and Anonymous' point!

    But, just for good measure, let's put our objective glasses on here.

    The initial Posh post was about respecting the individual birth choices of women: a fantastic point of view that's currently getting a lot of national news play. But, unfortunately and perhaps unwittingly, in doing so, it falls to belittling women who chose (key word) to give birth naturally. Can't really ask for respect for your choice if you're going to knock the choices of others.

    Lastly - if you or your friend are going to put your life into the public conscious via blog, you - as the blogger or blogger's friend - need to be ready for people to not love-fest your posts. It's the nature of the beast.

    Or you could just name call.

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  10. Belly laughs make everything better! Sorry you didn't get to find out, I would have been so so disappointed too; the day I found out Finley was a girl was like Christmas. Hopefully you will have a much better experience next time!

  11. Oh, I wanna smush those gorgeous cheeks!

    ps- I thought it was funny. Not that you are surprised.

  12. Ok, playing catch-up. Vaginal breech birth? Ha. I would have laughed and headed out the door. This doc sounds a bit too high and mighty. Doc needs to be grounded pronto. Your body. your choice.


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