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September 5, 2011

bottles of milk, and such

 we're friends right?  
And friends don't judge.  
At least not to your face.
I've got a little confession for you.
I think my child is addicted to milk.
From a bottle.
So I sit here all showered and prettied-up in clean matching clothes with make-up and accessories on filling y'all in on my world today while my sweet baby girl lays her little head down on my lap for a rest...
(um, hmm)
For reals ladies, let's just tackle one issue at a time...
how did y'all make your chillins' give up the bottle?
We have successfully cut out half of her bottles going from 48 to 24 oz of milk a day.
She drinks water from a sippy cup all day long and is pretty good with assisted sips from water bottles as well.
But she seriously has panic attacks if she doesn't get her bottle.
She finishes her milk and the holds it and loves on it and sucks at it awhile longer.
It's like her bestie and I'm too chicken shit to take away.
She's 13 months.
I think 12 months was the original goal...
What do we do?
What did y'all do?
Go cold turkey?
Wean slowly?
I need some momma advice
I'm giving myself a 45 day window.
I want them gone by her 15 month check up.
And because we got ourselves another baby coming and I don't want Wells thinking that sweet teeny tiny stole her bottle.


  1. Try not to worry - she will give it up when she is ready! I do understand your concerns though. I mixed a little strawberry yogurt milk in with her regular milk in her sippy to get her really liking it - got it at Fresh Market. Slowly, cut back the amount of the sweet stuff and she will never know the difference!

  2. That is a great idea with the strawberry yogurt I must say!! And I also agree that she will do it when she is good and ready I mean Julia it's not like she is 4 or something!! ;) you could always hide the nipples from all of the bottles and say that they are broken. I did that with Noah and it totally worked. He also wasn't as upset as I had thought either.. PS we are thinking of doing a DC trip in December. How far away are you and do you take photos there? I want some more pictures! You have me addicted! Love you

  3. Cold Turkey girl...cold turkey:)

  4. This too was something I worried about, but then one day when I wasn't expecting it she took her milk from a cup without a debate. We weren't home and didn't have a bottle with us. She was 15 months old. No bottle since. Don't worry, it will happen, eventually.

  5. This too was something I worried about, but then one day when I wasn't expecting it she took her milk from a cup without a debate. We weren't home and didn't have a bottle with us. She was 15 months old. No bottle since. Don't worry, it will happen, eventually.

  6. You mean you're not all showered and prettied up right now? You fraud! ;)
    I've had my trials with Lilly (like trying new table foods!) but I don't remember the switch to a sippy being one. I wish i could get more advice. When I have big momma questions I always take it to facebook. Mommas love to give advice.

  7. Try calling on the "Bottle Fairy! I've used this method with my youngest daughter and had great results.

    Step 1: prepare the child that the Bottle Fairy is coming to town bringing a gift to children that donate their bottles for new babies.

    Step 2: Collect the bottles place them in a bag and leave them outside on your front step.

    Step 3: Magically the following morning the Bottle Fairy has sprinkled fairy dust (glitter, etc.) and left a fabulous gift for the child)! Princess dresses and accessories typically do the trick for my girls:-)

    BTW If this works -- try the Binki and Diaper Fairy too! Good luck!!

  8. Had this issue and our common sense physician said let her give it up when she's ready...little ones have comfortable little worlds made of things that make them feel safe, happy - bottle, crib, stuffed animal etc. Ours finally gave up bottle very very, as an adult, still no teeeth fillings, no weight issue, happy as a clam. Let her tell you when it's time.

  9. I've been able to switch to this sippy cup.$p-115/trendline-dotslearner-cup.aspx

    I tried every sippy out there and this is the only one he would go with. It doesn't look like it from the picture, but it has a 'sippy cup' type top, but it's still soft like the bottle nipples. Gerber has a line of Nuk cups now that has about 6 different stages to go through the transition. Good luck. My little one has no interest in giving up his's been a rough road. My daughter was easy and a great eater. My son doesn't have a lot of interest in food except to feed it to our dogs.

  10. I just left the previous comment under pinklovehappiness. Tha's my daughter's google account. Sorry, didn't want you to read that and think I was a 14 year-old girl!! haha

  11. I let my little girl have a bottle forever - no worries - she is three and normal! I can't remember when she officially dropped it but one day she was just okay with a sippy cup at night.

  12. My son is addicted to milk and while he easily transitioned from the bottle to sippy, he is very specific on the sippy cup that he drinks his milk from. It has to be a sippy cup with a straw. Perhaps (if you haven't already) try offering a straw sippy cup of milk?

  13. Cold turkey. My son never took a sippy cup before I took it away and it took him about a day to get over it. My daughter was angry. It took her about 3 days and once the bottle went away so did the desire for milk. She is 2.5 and still won't drink it. I took it away at 12 months. It's easier in the long run to just take it away. Especially if she already drinks from a cup.

  14. Chesley StettenSeptember 06, 2011

    Hi. Love your blog. I was in the same boat and went cold turkey at 18 months but it was way too long. Give it up now. They don't need milk, or almond milk, or soy milk... so don't worry if she doesn't want to drink milk in a sippy cup. If your child eats a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables (along with some eggs and cheese) they are getting all that they need. She should NOT be consuming more than 12 ounces of milk anyways, just not good for her. And trust me, I was in the exact same boat as you and my pediatrician was so mad at me. So one day I told my daughter that her bottles were going bye bye. We put them all in a big baggie and took them out to the trash compactor (we live in an apartment in NYC, i didn't really throw them away, but we pretended). Then when she asked we would point to the door and I would tell her the bottles when bye bye and she understood. She was a bit fussy for 2 days (on and off) but she got over it and we've never looked back. We now use the Take and Toss sippy cups and straw cups (after trying 12 different sippy cup) and she has been so much better without the bottle and she now only has milk in cereal, she's growing like crazy and perfectly healthy. Go cold turkey and do it asap, every day you wait makes it all that much harder. Nip this one in the bud. Good luck!!

  15. We just offered both kids sippy cups and nothing else by 12 months and never had an issue (like we thought we would). And our son was also in love with his bottle. Turns out he was just in love with eating.
    We through them all away so there would be no bottles in desperation. But you know her better than anyone and will have the best sense of when she's ready. Good luck!

  16. I hate the transition to the sippy cup so much!!! It seems like it's more of a comfort thing for her then actually working the sippy. Maybe go down to one bottle at bed. Then go from there? I'm dealing with taking the paci from my 2 yr old. We are on day 2 of it being "broken". Breaks my heart to hear her cry for it :(. Hoping she gets over it soon! Good luck with your bottle troubles!


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