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September 30, 2011

Boy Nursery Mood Board 1

There are two major ways I've learned to embrace being pregnant with this baby boy.
1.  Go shopping
2.  Design his nursery

I have about a million ideas and directions I want to go with his identity, err, I mean nursery.
 It clearly needs to represent both myself and my husband.  
With Wells I just wanted a mini-me.
This time, I want a mini-matt.

Y'all know I'm not into "baby" or lord'a'mercy, themes or bedding sets.
So I just went with some colors that seem soothing but not too juvenile.
I tossed in a few nods to Matthew discreetly hidden.
Maybe my next mood board will have mounted mallards, deer heads, and marlin paintings on display.
This one is more me.

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  1. This one is FABulous. I say roll with it :) That dresser and rug are killer.

  2. Love this look for a nursery. I don't like themes that are so babyish - they're cute, just not for me. This look is just great!

  3. I leave for so many days and start to catch up on blog land and you're having a BOY! Congrats! How exciting and how fun!

  4. Boy!... is that boy gonna have the most gorgeous tastefull bedroom. love the tones, the dresser, the map, and the chair. He is going to live madly in love with such a gorgeous, stylish mom! I have a 6 years old boy you know... I know what I'm talking about ;)) Congratulations on the baby boy!


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