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September 26, 2011

Gaddie & Tood

So my sweet little nephew Graham is turning THREE soon and my fabulous sister is awesome enough to throw him not one, but two amazing themed birthday parties!
One for his new friends at his new school in Nashville and one for the folks back home in Louisville.
Firetrucks & Circus

Once again, she enlisted the help of Robin from Gaddie and Tood to create a custom and cohesive ready-made theme.  
She did not dissapoint.
I'm loving the color schemes and the chevron is to die for.

Circus Party


be sure to check her blog and find her on facebook


Check out the pictures from Graham's train party last year here, her friend Erin's alphabet party for her daughter here, and the shower both girls threw for another friend here.



  1. Love the coloring book idea, genius! Adorable party theme and nephew:)

  2. What a cute birthday party!! Love the decor

  3. Robin is amazing! And, Erin wins the best godmother award for introducing me to Gaddie and Tood.

  4. How adorable... I have been searching for themes and ideas for my little Noah's 3 birthday in Nov..... thanks for posting I will check them out.. :)

  5. I love it! Elizabeth told me about Gaddie and Toad too and it's so fabulous. Maybe it's time to start planning Evie's party! Crazy that time goes so fast. It makes me want to keep having babies one minute and the next minute - I think that I am done! Crazy, how just your post on Graham's birthday party made me go off in three million directions. Super cute, party decor and I LOVE the chevron too.

  6. Wow!! I love everything! I'm remembering gaddie and toad for my future children :) She is amazingly talented!! Also, the colors and it!


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