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September 11, 2011

hatley kids

How adorbs are these little raincoats?
Kinda makes you look forward to rainy days.

PS-they have tons more styles and they offer matching rainboots and umbrellas for each pattern.
And because I tend to over-emphasize baby girl clothes on here, this one's for the boy mamas.
Especially my dears that prefer a non bubbled jon jon for your little boys!  
I know that can be pretty hard to find here in the South.

If Baby#2 is a boy {which most of y'all are predicting, btw} I will definitely be purchasing all three of these little snugglies.
Of course, he'll have his share of bubbles and monogrammed jon jon's as well.
Because I have bi-polar style like that.
Speaking of which, have you cast your vote yet?
Boy or Girl
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  1. Oh man you were talking to ME weren't you??! Too funny, love you girl. And these raincoats and sleepers are FANtastic. Great finds.


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