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It's a boy!

September 29, 2011

I must admit y'all were right and I was wrong.
I thought I saw nothing.
But there was obviously something.
Y'all pretty much all predicted boy, which made me laugh because I am so not a mom of boys and I was completely sure this one was another baby girl.
On a happy note, he's healthy and cute as can be.
We had the ultrasound tech, radiology resident, and OB all confirm prenatal perfection.
Oh, and a wee wee.
I made them all double check.

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  1. Congratulations!!! How exciting! He is going to be the most precious little boy in the world :)

  2. Boys are so wonderful!!!! I bet Matt is over the moon! So excited for you both!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations! Boys are fun and I had three girls first. I miss the cute girl clothes but you are gonna love having a boy! Enjoy this precious time as your family grows! It goes by way way too fast!

  4. Yay for boys! I have a boy and a girl and they are both equally wonderful!

  5. I'm so excited for you - you'll be a fabulous boys' Baby's Mama!

  6. Congratulations on a perfect, healthy boy. How fun to have One of each!

  7. OMG!!! This is awesome! i promise you will love having a sweet baby boy!! I am still sitting here mouth half opened in shock though ;)

  8. Congratulations! A girl and a boy - how wonderful to be able to experience mothering both. So happy for you!

  9. Congratulations!!! Such exciting news! I cried for a week when I found out I was having a boy because I was convinced it was a girl and I'm such a girly girl-but now I can't imagine my life without my sweet little one, boys are SO attached to their mamas and sweet on them! Now put on your running shoes because they never.sit.still (but a lot less drama from what I've heard-ha!!).

  10. Yay a boy how fun! He will be such a great protector for his sister and all her future dates. :)

  11. Congrats again! I am so excited for you and can't wait for us to shop for baby boy clothes together!!

  12. How exciting! Congratulations on your big news. How perfect to have a boy and a girl.

  13. Weeee!!!!! A weewee!!!! Hahaha, couldn't help myself :D Congratulations, that is so exciting! I'm sure it will definitely be a fun adventure :) And, just think of all the super cute, preppy boy clothes out there!


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