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September 9, 2011

kitchen floors

So, who wants to open up commentary on the president's speech last night?


I am so thrilled that this little blog of mine has become a platform where woman feel comfortable and confidant enough to voice their opinions.
I'm not going to try to stifle that.

Real women speak their minds and stand up for what they believe in and that is something I will always support and respect even when their point of view is different from my own.

But, it's time to get the focus back to the important issues on here.

Like hardwood floors in the kitchen
love it or hate it?
Personally, I'm obsessed
Nice glossy white cabinets and some rich wood floors
Sign me up



  1. Huge wood floors in a white kitchen!

  2. I agree-LOVE the hardwoods in the kitchen. Especially if you have them throughout the house. We made the mistake of putting tile in our kitchen: cold under your feet in the winter, and it just breaks up the 'flow', ya know? :) Great pics!

  3. LOVE! I actually have wood in my kitchen. I think it makes it more comfortable.

  4. I LOVE how it looks but my floors are NEVER clean and I mean never. Dark wood shows every speck of food and you know there is a lot of specks of food involved with children. I wish that mine were just a tad lighter.

  5. Heaven! Love it all... Minus the chimp vase w/ hydrangea hat? I know that it is just me and everyone else will adore it. I'm ok with that;)

  6. They look great in photos, but I have them in my kitchen and HATE them! I feel like I can't get them REALLY clean and have to clean them everyday! Yuck!

  7. Love them! But I'm right there with Jennifer, they have to be light or everything shows!

  8. Bahahaha, love this post. And I'm all about hard woods in the kitchen- Love mine :)

  9. We did dark hardwood with white cabinets in our kitchen and I love it! The extra cleaning time is worth it :).

    PS. Love your blog!

  10. I had wood floors put into my kitchen a year ago and I LOVE them. My cabinets are a creamy white with speckled brown granite counters. I picked a medium colored stain because I didn't want them to be orangey or too dark because I was worried about it showing every speck of dust.

  11. Love all the kitchen floors featured in your blog. Everything is just so amazing. It made me hard to decide which one is best.

  12. What a lovely kitchen. Just want to ask, is your countertop made of granite or marble?

    Bala Cwynd countertops


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