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September 7, 2011

oh baby is right

So I heard my baby's heart beat today.
oh, and I got weighed, which is always splendid
And that's it.
No ultrasound.
No big reveal.

I'm hormonal and disgruntled and disappointed and have been known to be quite a beeotch even when those contingencies aren't present so please read the following with caution.
I'm not looking on the bright side or in the mood for controversy or hearing the other side of the story nor do I want to hate on other women's birth choices.
We all made the decisions of how that baby got in there and have a right to decide how we want them to come out.
I believe it's our right as women to make our own informed decisions.
It's okay if you disagree with mine, just don't judge me.

Lesson learned:
Don't move across state lines in the middle of a pregnancy because you just mind find out that
1.  You wait over four weeks to be seen 
(okay, so most doctors only see you once a month at this point, I'll concede that)

2.  They don't do ultrasounds at an initial patient visit
No matter how far along you are
No matter if you try to claim fake labor pains in the middle of their speech about scheduling you for the next available opening.
Which happens to be Sept. 29th.  
Today is Sept. 7th.
I'm going to call their other office in the morning and see if I can't make things happen quicker at that location.

3.  Find out your doctor's opinions on birth plans before you make said appointment.

While it wasn't the adorable healthy face and spread legs of my baby that I received today, I was lucky enough to get a lecture on the dangers of a repeat C-section and why choosing convenience over the health of myself and my child was irresponsible and VBACS were how real women give birth.
I was lectured on why I chose to have a c-section for my first birth when vaginal breech deliveries were perfectly routine.  
Pretty sure my sweet baby's football shaped broken head wouldn't have come out the old fashioned way.
Sorry folks.
I'm glad I didn't try.
And I'm glad my doctor in SC didn't judge.
I also informed her that my hospital in SC wasn't equipped to handle VBACS so I really had never considered the options before.
I asked her what her professional recommendation was and she felt that I should come to the hospital at 9cm dilated and push my baby out.
Despite the vbac/c-section debate that leaves no room for an epidural.
What the eff?
I had a successful c-section with my first baby and plan to have one with my second.
Thank you ma'am.

Okay, rant over

One of my sweet readers Lizzie decided that we should conduct a poll so I guess now we have the time to do it.


You choose.
If you're right you'll be entered automatically into winning something awesome.
Not sure what yet.
I'm too busy being pissed off to think on my toes here y'all. 

Basically all you have to do is leave a comment here saying boy or girl and we'll go from there.
Okay, are we all feeling better now?


  1. That blows! I am so sorry. Are you changing dr's? She doesn't sound like a good match.

  2. Hey Girl... I moved all the way from Las Vegas to Michigan... I was 6 months pregnant and had to wait 7 weeks to finally get an appointment.. Terrible, and it is like they don't even care... anyways I always found out what i was having at like 14-15 weeks from one of those ultra-sound centers.. Have you heard of them? They are all over out west.. anyways I am sorry girl!! Sure love ya

  3. That is terrible! I am glad you are changing doctors. Hope you can get in sooner. I saw your stroller question, we have the Graco Quattro Duo. It is great but big! Someone wrote on the website that it's not super easy to use but that there is nothing easy about having 2 kids including the stroller. Now, we need a double jogger because that Graco is big to push around for a walk but the side by side strollers are hard to maneuver in stores. My stroller collection is growing!

  4. Wow! That would make me mad too! I had a c-section with my first after 2 days of labor and no dilating. There is no way I would go through that again. I plan on having a c-section when I have baby #2, and I feel it is my right to chose! Sorry to hear you had to deal with that :(

  5. I think getting your hopes up and then having them dashed is the WORST feeling in the world. That is exactly why I keep Ben and Jerry's in the fridge. Find a new doctor and start over fresh. Good luck!

  6. :( You didn't give me all these details! What a sucky let down of a day that you were looking forward to. Def switch drs b/c she is not the one for you. I'm shocked right now. Anyway, my bets are that it's a girl. I mean, I don't dare put you down and dismiss your guesses after the day you had today, right??! ;)

  7. Oh Julia I am SO sorry. How crapadishious. Where do you go now? You've gotta switch docs, yucky!

  8. yikes:( what practice do you go to? I love mine. However, i haven't had babies yet ... xo

  9. Ugh this doctor sounds vulgar! I hope the next appointment is better, or that you find a different doctor. I'm thinking boy BTW.

  10. I wanta kick this doc's butt for you! You have every right to rant. That's one heckofa crappy day!

  11. I think this is officially the white speck on top of a chicken s#!t week. I'm so sorry, pal. Love you and your baby...and hopefully they'll tell ya whose in there by the time we actually get to squeeze it's sweet self!

  12. WORST day ever. I'm so sorry! Hormones plus snarky, rude people are not a good combination. The judgment about the C-section is the most infuriating to me. Childbirth is such a personal experience- how dare someone try to make you feel bad about your decision.

  13. Poor girl, I would be pissed too and you have a right to rant! I am with everyone else please switch doctors. I did after I had Sterling and my doctor never came by the hospital once- WTF. I am guessing girl but I have been know to be wrong!

  14. Doctors can be so darn insensitive. Switch doctors and explain the fear factor, which could halt you from a successful VBAC! Girl!

  15. Super bummer! Crap! I specifically waited to deliver # 5 in old state (week early/ induced ) went to one week check-up and packed the family up to move when sweet pea was 2 1/2 weeks old . I couldn't imagine trying to deal with new docs& new protocol . I like scheduled , epidural inductions. Hugs!!!!!

  16. I'd call the docs here in SC and find out their opinion on what the dr. said to you. They may have a better recommendation. You know I have a good friend that listened to her insensitive dr. tell her that her bleeding with labor was normal and go back to bed. Her baby almost died and has suffered brain damage because of it. PLEASE change drs.

  17. Hold. The. Flippin. Phone. My heart is pounding just reading this! I think I would have popped her. Yep. Definitely would have popped her. I don't understand some of these doctors - it's like they really don't give a rat's ars about their patients and their babies :( I'm so sorry to hear you went through that. If it were me I'd try to find someone else. I understand how hard that is though, I moved across state lines at 20 weeks and almost no one wanted to touch me. I'll be praying things work out for you guys!

  18. That doctor blows. Oh, and if I decide to have another baby, I will be scheduling my c section as well.

  19. how horrible to be treated that way!!!!! find a new doc! i can call my doc and get a recommendation for you! i will do that and get back to you!
    i predict boy!

  20. Hi Julia! i hope you are doing well!!! i called my OB for you to get a rec for a doc in richmond and unfortunately he doesnt know anyone there. i am sorry! i hope you find a doc you like!
    are you going to be in charlottesville anytime soon? :)


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