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September 7, 2011

oh baby

So I go for my 20 week ultrasound (just a week late, ooops) this afternoon.
Pretty pumped to find out what we're having.
Can't believe I've made it this long without confirmation.
I guess that's a second pregnancy for you.
Especially right off the tails of the first one.

I got a sneak peek at 14 weeks but my doctor wouldn't confirm that we saw what we saw.
Although we both know we saw what we saw.
So I guess I'm really more intrigued to see if I'm still right.

I'm pretty sure I'll let y'all know right away.
What are your thoughts on finding out?
Surprise until they pop out or surprise at 15 weeks gestation through pre-natal peeks?

Just be on the lookout for one of these to appear in your reader later this afternoon

I know each and every one of y'all is waiting on the edge of your seats :)

What's your vote?



  1. How exciting. Good luck :)Can't wait to hear.

  2. I really can't wait to hear if you're right :) I expect a text! Have fun.

  3. I can't wait to hear!! I find this stuff very exciting. I found out at 19 weeks, I do not have the patience to wait.

  4. Oh I will be waiting! Such an exciting moment!

  5. You should have had a poll. I guess boy;)

  6. Eeee!!! How exciting! I say boy. No, girl. No, boy - for sure :D

  7. Soooo....exciting!!!! I could not wait! In fact, we went to one of those places that does ultrasounds so you can find out! Not even in the docs office! That is how excited we were! I**hope** you are having a boy! Then we HAVE to get together with the little ones! Are you coming to Charlottesville any time soon?;)

  8. So sorry you had a BAD day!! Doesn't matter boy or girl, it will be perfect, loved and special. But, if I were a betting woman, I'd say a girl, since your obviously upset, sounds like a female to me!! LOL.

  9. Melynda TetponSeptember 07, 2011

    I vote girl since everyone is voting boy. :)

  10. I'm guessing girl. I have no scientific reasoning behind my guess, I just have two girls and that's apparently all I'm capable of coming out with.

    I'm here from your rant about your new dr's office, and I just have to say, they blow. It really stinks to not have an OB who is completely supportive of whatever it takes to keep you and baby healthy. I just don't get those who try to enforce their opinions onto others. I'm so sorry you had such a rough 1st appointment! Hopefully things improve from here.

  11. You make me laugh, I'll guess boy since you think you saw "something." I have two boys....they are awesome. However, I'm sure girls are too :)

  12. Blunt doctors...not so nice! Especially if they are men. I mean have they ever tried to carry a baby for 10 months. I got told " you have gained far too much weight" with out the blink of an eye and " terrible back pain is normal". Thank goodness for getting a new doctor.
    I think girl :)

  13. Hi there.....I am a labor and delivery nurse and am so sorry for your experience yesterday. Real women DO NOT VBAC or deliver breech babies vaginally! I work in a large academic medical center in NJ that NEVER delivers vaginal breechs, and every once in a blue moon will allow a mom to attempt a VBAC. And the only moms who attempt VBACs are the ones who have to practically beg their physicians to let them try it. It is dangerous because your uterus can rupture, which, I assure you, is not a pretty sight. Once your uterus ruptures the only way to save your life is to perform a hysterectomy, which is devastating if you may want more children. So I say RUN as fast as you can from that office and find yourself a new obstetrician!

    And I say GIRL!

  14. OH JULIA!!! Bless your HEART! I'm so sorry that was your introduction to VA OB-GYN care! I am so glad to hear that the practice was professional, even if the doctor certainly wasn't. It's well and good to know that you know have access to facilities that can support different options, but it's far more important that your practitioner support YOUR option!!
    That said, I am guessing that you are having a handsome baby boy since you and hubs "know that you saw what you saw" - because we had the exact same experience. Hoping you can prop your feet up a bit and get lots more belly laughs with little Wells this afternoon!

  15. Boy sista! I am sure of it! Oh and yes we have the same prego stories. My first baby boy, Colin, was breech. Reed, 17months apart brother to Colin, was a VBAC. I switched OBs mid pregnancy for similar reasons you listed and then that doctor decided to leave our local hospital. Nice, had to go back to my previous doctor with my tail between my legs. Lovely. I had a great third trimester and a beautiful delivery. I hope the same for you too!


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