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September 28, 2011

Plaster mold & moisture issues

Linda said...

What does plaster moisture look like? I have plaster walls that sometimes bubble and have circles that look like moisture, I'm wondering if we have the same thing and how you are treating your problem? My home is 70+ years old, brick exterior w/lathe walls, no insulation, Thanks

Anonymous said...

In this case the moisture was obvious in the form of mold. There was a spot 3'x4' all the way down to the brick mortar. Once I stripped all of the wallpaper in the room I noticed a few other spots that were just bubbling, this is also caused my moisture attempting to evaporate from the brick. Our wall construction is the same as yours. As far as treating I stripped all of the paper off the walls and in some cases even the skim coat. I cleaned the walls with a product called SHOCKWAVE The next step in the process is AFTERSHOCK
This product is applied just like paint, once it dried I just primed the walls with two coats of KILZ Premium and that was that. I had a mold specialist come to the house and test the wall which was around 40% moisture content. Its a good idea to get your spots looked at, mold is never good. Hope this helps!
In this case, anonymous is my husband, Matthew.
he not only reads my blog but called me to ask if I wanted him to answer Linda's question.
Isn't he amazeballs?

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  1. I love the husbands that read the blogs! Carl looks at the pics, scans the blog and loves the comments.


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