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September 21, 2011

play clothes

I picked up a few shirts yesterday to go with Wells' skinny jeans and leopard shoes she likes to sport at her new favorite hangout.
The playground.

I can't even believe my baby girl is old enough to be actually playing much less with big kids at a playground.
Her favorites:
the doorbell on the playhouse, all balls, and the slide

As cute as it's been for her to be running around in smocked dresses and ruffle butts, I decided to cut the girl some slack and help her along with play clothes.
And of course there are about a bajillion cute kids play clothes that I just can't bring myself to buy.  I love them on other people's kids but when I go to get her dressed in the mornings, I have issues with the whole "I wouldn't wear that look".
So for now, she's going to be a bit of a mini-me and I love it!
I know my mom hates it, so I'm working on letting Wells wear big prints and brighter colors!
Slow progress with the maroon top, right?
With a little savvy shopping I think I'll be able to keep from throwing up on myself when she comes home looking like a total dirt ball.

Now if only she'd let me layer on some long necklaces or a scarf and gold bangles to complete her look...




  1. So cute :) Finlay has had a summer of smocks and bubbles as well. Yesterday was her first day in a "big girl" outfit in skinny jeans. I LOVE the leopard mary janes! I might have to get those... :)

  2. Adorable, girl play clothes are just so cute! Boys, not so much! i finally broke down and bought Sterling some khacki pants for the winter, I guess he can't wear jon-jons everyday!

  3. So cute. Yes play clothes kinda stink a little, yet they need them so often that you have to buy 'em.


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