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October 6, 2011

Charleston Family Photography

Oh my word.
 Lucas, those blue eyes and blond curls are going to be breaking so many hearts one day.

We had the perfect backdrop at The Cistern at the College of Charleston for this precious family!
I'm hopefully en route to LAFFY!!!
6:30am flight out of Richmond to Lafayette, Louisiana to celebrate one of my all time favorites 
I can't even begin to talk about the excitement the entire extended auntourage has for you and Eric on this special weekend!
I seriously wish I could figure out how to blog from my phone.
Anyone know how to get your keyboard to show up in a new post on blogger?


  1. OMG this couple lives in my neighborhood! I met the dad Joshua at the pool a couple of times! precious family, and little Lucas is just the sweetest!

  2. You just keep getting better and better :) Have fun this weekend!


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