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October 14, 2011

decorating with a tv

With winter and a new baby coming we're having to make a few adjustments in our lifestyle.  
We've decided we need to make our living room a family room.
A TV, computer, and toys need to be added in without compromising style.
I found some pictures that do a good job of blending the flat screen into the room without making it a focal feature.

Ideally we'd just place it above the fireplace but one downfall of high ceilings is that this puts the tv entirely too high to watch.
We'll have enough going on here soon without adding neck cramps to the list.
Plus I like the idea of creating a custom piece of art for that space myself.
There is also no other wall available that is large enough to hold an armoire or a big tv stand so we're going to have to get creative.
I know I should attach more pictures to give y'all a better perspective on the room if I'm going to ask for your opinions.
Hopefully I'll get caught up on my editing and can devote some time to taking house pictures for y'all.
What do you do with your tv?
Above the mantel, armoire, tv cabinet?
Featured or blended in?


  1. I don't think that seems too high if your seating isn't so close. But I totally understand you're desire to put art there!

  2. Ah thanks miss Julia for reminding me that we have a giant big screen...and by "Big Screen" I mean the one with the huge back side!! ;) How are you feeling?

  3. Great inspiration pictures. Much to my dismay we have a huge tv that is totally the focal point in our den. I hate it, Matt loves it. We have it on a long table. I agree with Chassity that I don't think the fireplace is too high but a painting by Julia would look great there too!

  4. Love this post - we just put a flat screen above our fireplace, and I am feeling it needs some "pretty". It's soooooo there, in your face, and black. Love these ideas!


  5. One thought - we put our flat screen above the fireplace as well, and the major downside is that they told us NOT to light a fire - that it could damage the tv...just a word of warning. We're in Charleston, so we don't need fires all that much, but it was definitely a hard decision....


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