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October 27, 2011

something good

yesterday could have been too much.
Doctor running 40 minutes late.
Glucose test.
Rhogam Shot.
Nap interrupted.  Again.
Wild Child.
but somehow it wasn't
Doctor reviewed my surgical chart from previous c-section and determined I'm actually not a candidate for a v-bac even if I'd wanted to be.
It seems they had some trouble getting Wells out and had to make a vertical incision on top of the horizontal incision on my uterus.
So I felt that the decision was in God's hands and not mine and I felt better about that.
We picked a date.
An official holy crap I'm having another baby on that date date.
Wells threw my shoe over the railing upstairs straight to the first floor.
I gave her my toughest mom look and said 
"Wells that is NOT okay.  We do NOT throw things over the edge like that"
She promptly walked backwards slowly into her room, hid behind her door and stayed there for a few minutes.
She put herself in time out.
I was so proud of her.
And I got to photograph a brand new beautiful baby girl!


  1. To know your date IS the silver lining, right?
    How funny is it when you have to start giving the "angry mom" look? What a cutie that she put herself in timeout! Too funny.

  2. Aw sweet Wells put herself in timeout? What a smart girl. And here's for having a date at least. Sorry it was a rough one yesterday.

  3. Ugh... those glucose tests are such a bummer :( My stomach hurts just thinking about the taste. Ok, so impressed Wells put herself in timeout. When I tell Izzy not to do something her response is usually, "Let me do it!" Really kid?

  4. That has to be the cutest story I've heard. I always love your blog - it gives me 1 minute of beauty and peace in an otherwise crazy world. Thanks!! Hope you passed the glucose test - those things are awful :(


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