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October 23, 2011


So y'all know I'm not one to always get on here and talk about religion.
But I found this precious etsy shop over the weekend and thought it was such a fresh way to display scripture in your home. 
PS-we're trying out our first Church in Richmond today.
Only took us six months.
Sundays are just so hard for us to get motivated.
We found a church in Pawleys that we adored and we're hesitant to start comparison shopping for fear that nothing here will stand out.
And Sunday mornings are our quiet time.
Just the three of us.
I know God is there.
But I want Wells to know that God is in Church too.
{well, the nursery anyway}


  1. These are perfect! I love them! Thanks for posting!

  2. We are going through the same thing...just moved, trying to gear up for a new Church after loving our last one. Its hard. I hope your morning went well.

  3. What church did you guys attend today?

  4. Very cute indeed. Thanks for sharing!

  5. the very first scripture from Zephaniah is my favorite! Thanks for sharing this!
    Hope you enjoyed church today. It's hard, we just moved a few months ago and are still getting used to the new church.


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