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October 22, 2011


Today I sat down on the potty and peed my pants.
I pulled up my dress but forgot to pull down my panties.
That's a new low.
I'm just starting my third trimester and my almost 15 month old child woke up by 5am every morning this week.  
Yesterday it was 4:40am.
Sometimes we make her cry it out a bit and she falls back asleep until closer to six.
But I don't.
I lie there awake dreading starting yet another day so tired.
She lasts until 8pm with only a 40-60 minute nap most days.
We visit a minimum of 2-3 playgrounds a day just to keep her entertained.
I'm exhausted.
I'm nervous that this exhaustion is only going to be compounded when Baby Boy arrives in just two months.  I can only hope then I'll make it to the potty at all.
One day I'll re-read this post and be so embarrassed to be an over sharer that I'll feel the need to delete it.
Or maybe I'll just be thankful that I'm not so tired that day.
I'm not trying to complain or looking for sympathy.  Just wanted to make sure all the other tired moms out there don't feel alone in their exhaustion.  Or maybe I'm just taking one for the team by allowing y'all to think to yourselves, geeze, I'm not that bad as her.



  1. or boys also wake up at that God foresaken hour of 4:30-5 am. Nothing we do helps them sleep past it. today I am officially a zombie and look it. Wet hair baseball cap and an okay outfit. I just want to curl up and go to sleep. You are not alone, there are more of there then you know. Motherhood is the best thing ever with 2. You wil make it through! It is hard, the hardest thing I have ever done but worth it! Wells will hopefully be super helpful when abby boy arrives and you will be surprised at how she can now all of a sudden play by herself! Good luck and sleep honey!

  2. It's an off day. I'm grouchy and tired and I've gone way too long without a break from my kids. But I haven't peed in my undies....YET. :-) I sooooo needed the laugh right now! Too bad it's at your expense, you poor tired girl! Hope you get some good sleep soon!

  3. I feel your pain! I am also expecting #2, while dealing with the 'terrible twos'. By 8 AM I had been kicked in the pregnant belly (an accident)while trying to change a blowout diaper, headbutted, and burned my hand cooking breakfast. Not a good start to the day. :(

  4. SMH...I thought I was the only super-duper ridiculously exhausted mother. I thought I was like losing my mind or something. I have a 9 year old who is my life saver, and I also have a 2 year old and a 2 month that enough said? Oh, husband also works third shift...which means he's away at night when the baby's not sleeping, and he sleeps during the day when I have to entertain/feed/change both of them, and try to maintain a sort of but not really organized house. My 9 & 2 year old are really close, so it does help when she gets home from school and they just want to play together for hours...but is hard! I'm just glad I'm not crazy. I thought I was just some kind of bad mom who didn't know what she was doing even after the third child, lol. I'll be sooo happy when the babygirl catches up with my 2 year old. I think that will help out a lot because they'll be able to play together....definitely something to look forward to : )

  5. Girlfran.......Lilli is the SAME way!!!!!!!! 5:30 EVERY morning we can hear her in her crib, "da DA, da DA"! Homegirl gets to stay in her crib til 6:15, but like you said I am awake fretting the start to another day. YOU, my friend, deserve a metal. I get to drop her off at daycare and let someone else deal with her! I can't believe that you play with Wells ALL day long, on top of growing another person! Lilli was sick on Friday and had to stay home, just the two of us and I wondered how I did it for an entire year! 15 month olds are exhausting!! Mad props!!

  6. Ugh... times like this just plain suck. I can relate to the bathroom incident - and I wasn't even pregnant at the time, ha!

  7. Girl sterling has been waking up at like 5:30 too. What's up with the kids?? Bless your heart I'm not preggo and I'm still tired. But my mom assures me I will stay tired for the next 30 years bc you never stop worrying about your kids!

  8. I'm sorry that I laughed at first. We all have those days. I hope this week is better sweet thang.

  9. Hard to imagine that when you're fifty and the kids are all grown and on their own, you'll miss these days! I do (more some days than others). This stage won't last long. Hang in there and thanks for the good laugh.


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