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October 25, 2011

travel ideas

Remember that awful experience I had getting home from Louisiana I blogged about here?
The upside, continental issued me a travel voucher to reimburse me for my experience.
At the time, it did not do justice.
However, I'm not pretty pumped to start planning my first post baby adventure on their tab.
Of course the whole trip will not be free so it does have it's limitations.
But I can pretty much take myself anywhere and if I'm savvy enough, bring my husband along for the ride.
Spring Break 2012
Here. Mama. Comes
So tell me, where do I need to visit?
Tell me your favorite travel destinations.
Best or Worst recommendations.

PS-going in for my glucose test and a rhogam shot this morning.
I don't do sugary sweets or shots well.
Wish me luck :)



  1. Come to New Orleans so we can hang out! :) Just kiddin' - well not really but you have better use for a free plane ticket! I'd say by Spring Break you'll be ready for somewhere warm but not too crowded with young-ens...How about Amelia Island or Key West?

    Good luck tomorrow with the glucose test! Rumor on the street is that my obgyn let's you skip the yucky drink and makes you eat a donut :) xoxo

  2. PS Second thought - Bermuda? It would still be a hop and a skip! :)


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