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November 30, 2011

Dear Santa, I can explain

Happy Happy Happy 
Birthday to my sweet sister Elizabeth

I hope you and your darling family are having a fabulous celebration back in Nashville.
What fun we all had last week in Pawleys Island.
We had a blast doing a little photo shoot with my nephew Graham and I couldn't resist sharing the silliness that occurs at all these sessions.
Parents are always so apologetic of their kids shenanigans and I always assure them I haven't met a kid who cooperated yet :)
But we somehow always manage to capture their sweet side too!



  1. Great pictures! What a gorgeous family!!!

  2. Ha, I love the first pic of his shoe flying off. What a good lookin' family.

  3. great photos of a beautiful family!! What a little stud in his Hunter boots!!

  4. The shoe flying off is the best!


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