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December 7, 2011

C wonder green gift guide

So I found this amazing site yesterday called C Wonder and started pulling all of my favorite items quickly to realize they were all green!  HA!
I'm especially in love with that ikat coffee mug.  It's so reasonable,  a must have I think.
They also have a stack of ikat nesting bowls that are quickly being added to my must have list as well.



  1. i agree with natalie! love that mug!

  2. I'm SO going to that store this weekend. Everything online looks so interesting. I wonder if I can register for Christmas gifts there.. hahahaha

  3. We are crazy about this store and are so excited to have them on line. price point and designer are amazing.

  4. i wish we have that new store here!

  5. I was just on their site eyeing their mugs and cereal bowls yesterday! LOVE!


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