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December 29, 2011

chevron + gold

Just get in my life you fancy pants bag.

Your fabulousness is overwhelming and making me hot
{Or maybe it's the hormones}
If only you'd just be mine
I'd take you to brunch
or on a hot date
or let you live in my diaper bag


If you don't want to limit just lining your baby bags with chevron goodness, you can try your drawers instead.
Might even help you to keep your hanky pankies folded.


Oh and it's Thursday.
Wells gets a baby brother on Tuesday.
Let's talk about that.
Or not.
I'm getting nervous.
for reals


  1. Gahhh that bag is making my sweaty!

  2. Tuesday??? Girl I'm so out of the loop!! Csection again I assuming? It will all go fine and you know I can't wait to get my hands on that sweet nugget. Oh and that purse is divine!!


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