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December 12, 2011

Christmas Mantel

To be honest, I wasn't going to decorate for Christmas this year.
I've got my hands full and energy otherwise occupied this month.
And then there's the daunting thought of having to take it all down in a few weeks with a newborn.
But Wells is old enough to notice this year and I didn't want to bah-humbug her holiday so I felt a compromise was in order.
I decided to decorate the mantel and hang the stockings.
Matthew decided to put together our pre-lit Christmas tree.
But that's it.
No ornaments, no tinsel, no hours of clean-up come January.

And let's talk about this elf on the shelf
Did we miss the boat on that this year?
What age do you start that nonsense?
I'm thinking its a small window

My friend Jen encountered some drama with her little elf:

so last year Fisher didn't like the Elf on the Shelf because a) it was "just a deseration," not real and b) the Elf was a snitch. This year, the drama continues with "Mama, he DOES NOT live in the North Pole. He lives in our attic all the time. I'm really serious. He lives in the attic. In a box." ...and so the Christmas Spirit lives on in our household....

And I'm going to be linking this to a little holiday blog fun so you can see all kinds of inspiration here and here


  1. Looks beautiful. Love your color scheme. I didn't do elf on the shelf this year either and I'm wondering if I should have. I wasn't sure that Sterling would fully understand it. No late now. Oh and I wish I had a fake pre lit tree. We are having a new years party this year so I will be frantically undecorating after Christmas!

  2. Julia, That looks beautiful! I am so obsessed with your house! I didn't decorate this year.. We leave for Utah and Las Vegas in a few days.. :( Noah keeps asking where the Christmas tree is and it makes me sad!! Talk about scrooge!

  3. I love the colors you chose! And, where did you get your glittered nativity? I've been on a search for one and can't come up with on I like yet.

    On the elf topic - I wasn't sure when would be a good age to start so I just went ahead and did it this year. I think next year she'll understand better, fingers crossed! She doesn't yet get the whole, "if you're naughty he'll tell Santa" thing yet. She just likes searching for his new hangout spot each morning.

    You're built ins are amazing by the way! And the blue painted backs and the way you've dressed them has my heart going pitter-patter :D

  4. Looks gorgeous Julia. And you HAVE to get the elf on a shelf. We started it last year and Lilly loved it then and really loves it now. It's just so cute and fun.

  5. Ok, so now its official. You ARE superwoman. Darn you superwoman with your almost due preggo belly, toddler running around AND your gorgeous mantle that you just pulled out of nowhere with your 2 tubs of Christmas decor!!!!! --Love you girl, its beautiful, thanks for linking up!! xoxoxo shel

  6. Love the use of the blue with the silver. So gorgeous!

  7. The mantle looks AMAZING!!!

  8. Your mantle is really beautiful. Gorgeous colors! I would love to know, too, where you found your pretty Nativity scene. I've been looking all over and haven't found one I liked. Love yours!

  9. Boy! That is soooo gorgeous! Get some gold and silver together then add a bit of blue and you have me in swoon mode!! You are a truly stylish lady that's what you are!

  10. Looks beautiful!!! I love the colors!! Can you come and decorate my house? :)
    And on the elf. I bought it for Madison last year and she didn't really get it. Just loved the book. This year she's really excited each morning trying to figure out where he ended up after seeing Santa!

  11. Holy gorgeous! I love this- totally posh!
    Good luck with your upcoming adventures!
    Kerry from HouseTalkN

  12. Gorgeous mantle!! I have the same color scheme this year and love it! Love reading your blog!

  13. I love how sparkly and glamorous your mantel is! Still loving those built-ins too!

  14. Oh pretty. Love the added pink. So fresh!


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