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December 5, 2011

custom animal art

Animals on Parade!
Between the custom animal art I created for Wells' nursery here and chic reader Lauren's adorable recreation for her little girl's nursery here I had yet another reader wanting some of her own!
One of my readers, Erin, contacted me to see if I was willing to re create a custom piece or two for her little girls nursery as well.  

 Acrylic 16x20 canvas

 {disclaimer:  the paintings are more pastel than they appear in these pictures}
In fact, I tried to make sure it will go beautifully with her Serena & Lilly Kate Bedding



  1. You talented little thing you! LOVE these.

  2. Love them! You need to start a business girl, you've got some major talent!

  3. Oh my I love these. Are they made with more boy colors. Have been looking for something like that for Connors room!!

  4. Love those pictures.... I would go crazy for those paintings, you have mad skills!!

  5. Is there anything you cant do girl?? Defiantly think you should start a little business with all that talent ;)

  6. Wow! You are a jack of all trades! My daughter has the Kate bedding , love it!!! Love Serena and Lily;)


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