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December 1, 2011

Julia Ryan Photography {Charleston, SC}

It's always fun when you get to work with one of your bestest.
It seems like all play.
We've all seen Amanda's precious little boy Shepard here before at his 18 month photo shoot but this time I managed to coax her and Ryan to jump in front of the camera just a little.

Wells is so lucky to have such a sweet and stylish fairy godmother to help keep her on track as she gets older.
Fashion and otherwise!



  1. Ok seriously, your friend has some insane legs! Further proof that I've got to get back to the the gym :D

  2. Great pictures and what a gorgeous little family!

  3. Ditto comment no.1 ! Love her dress !

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! One day, when I have a family, can you come to MD? Or better yet…we'll travel south for you! ;) XOXO

  5. These turned out so so great. Yay for Amanda's pretty family and pictures.

  6. Gorgeous!! Her legs are amazing...what does she do to get them to look so toned!!


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