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January 31, 2011


Greek Turnover
minus the olives because olives are groddy

boneless skinless chicken breasts
large red pepper
large red onion
spinach (fresh or frozen)
garlic clove
feta cheese
puff pastry sheets
white wine (whatever you've got opened in the fridge that you can part with)
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

chop chicken into small cubes
mince garlic 
dice onion and red pepper

 add tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to saute pan
 add onions and peppers
 cook until tender (sweat)
 add chicken and garlic
cook for five minutes on medium heat
 salt & pepper to taste
 deglaze the pan with wine
 let simmer about 2-4 minutes to cook off wine
 add spinach
 reduce heat to low for several minutes while prepping pastry
 sprinkle flour onto your surface
 unroll one piece of puff pastry to lay flat and sprinkle with flour
 roll puff pastry until flat and smooth (1/8inch thick)
Quarter the pastry
 {make into butterfly wings}
add a large spoonfull of the spinach mixture into the center of the triangle

 add feta cheese
 add another triangle to make a top and press the sides firmly with a fork to close up your hot pocket
 place your pockets on a greased baking sheet 
cook on 400 degrees
15-20 minutes or until golden brown

Serve with wine
or vodka
whatever you're in to


The Chef
{my husband is going to kill me for posting this picture}

He hates to get his picture taken but I made him pose the other day while I was practicing with my new camera.  I always have to swear a hundred times that it's just for practice and I'll delete the images.
The entire time photographing his chef-skills for this post he kept reminding me to edit him out.
Oh shy boy, you're in it now!

January 28, 2011

Good Advice

I've been contemplating some very big ideas lately
and my head is way too full to blog much of anything
don't worry
nothing's wrong
everything is right
just as it should be
{I hope}

I'm totally ready for it
Have you seen the "God is my co-pilot" bumper stickers?
The older ladies in my bible study hated them.
They said that God should be the driver, not hanging out in the passenger seat
And right now Matthew and I are taking his lead.
I'm letting GO and letting GOD
and to be honest, I can't wait 
to see where he takes us!

PS:  Dear God, if you want to drive me straight here I won't mind one bit

January 27, 2011

Printable 2011 Calendar

Don't y'all just love some of the fantastic things other bloggers put out there to share?
I found this yesterday at one of my favorite blogs, Deliciously Organized and knew I just had to pass it along to y'all!

{I'd go to the original source to print them out so you'll get higher quality images}

I printed out the navy chevron pattern to go right next to my desk
I'm always looking at dates while I'm on the computer
I'm hanging the teal scripty one in my kitchen
Now here's some fabulousness for you
All of y'all mama's-to-be need to print one of these out ASAP.  
You'll want it later, trust me.
After your sweet little non-sleeping bundle of hungry joy arrives you can circle their Birthday on the calendar and frame it in their room.
I know
Now here's where I need your help
I didn't think of this clever little idea until recently and now 2010 calendars are scarce
if any of y'all sweet readers find something equally as fantastic as today's goodies in a 2010 version I will give you my next born child
from midnight to six-am
with a prompt morning return, of course

January 26, 2011

4-5 month pictures

**Happy Half-Birthday BabyGirl**
I'm going to bore every single one of y'all if I go on like I want to about how this little baby has changed my life in the most amazing ways possible.
You fill up every inch of me
And make my heart so full it feels like it could burst
I feel like the grinch who's heart grew three sizes
since knowing you
So I'll just stop here and all you moms can just fill in the blanks before I get too carried away.
And on to other news...
Did y'all think I was going to let this little boy's big sister have all the fun?

 Baby Will has definitely made it to the "approved for dating list" we're mentally keeping for BabyGirl!
She has the cutest playmates
He's a marshmallow baby
squishy and creamy and full of sweetness
I could just eat him up

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