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April 30, 2011


I think the more common question bloggers get asked is how we balance our time and get everything done.
Well I know in my house, I'm on the computer during naptime instead of doing chores.
I'd rather play on the computer and drink coffee during the day and clean my house at night with a glass of wine after BabyGirl's gone to bed.
What about y'all?
What's your deal?
Oh, and I just joined pintrest and it's amaze for procrastination from anything.


April 29, 2011

Overstock rugs

I was browsing on and found some amaznig rugs in the 8x10 section with most under $500
Just thought y'all might like to know!



My latest french inspired obsession

They're a perfect sophisticated and feminine touch to add to any space.  


April 28, 2011

turquoise and pink living room

In the words of my girl Bethenny, this room is amazeballs.
 I'm in love with the teal and pink color scheme
The symmetry and floor plan are amaze
Big fan of the flat screen above the fireplace because let's be real, do we ever use the rooms without one?

 I'm usually TERRIBLE about giving credit where it's due.  
Simply because I'm constantly pulling images onto my desktop and forgetting where I've found them.  Today I'm gonna give all credit where it's due for this fabulous living room.

Rain Boots outfit inspiration

So I was just browsing around on College Prep and came across a pretty little board she did for rainy days.
I know it's a little late in the season and we should be sharing summer outfit choices, but oh well.
I've mentioned before that I own two pairs of Hunter Wellies, pink and black, and I seriously get a smile on my face on rainy days now because I get to wear them. 
I'm always looking for new outfits ideas and love her last option paired with the skirt.
Madewell v neck sweater
$115 -

J crew cardigan
$50 -

J crew sweater
$88 -

J Crew wool mini skirt
$30 -

Gucci tuxedo pants
$850 -

J Crew slim jeans
$60 -

Hunter rubber rain boot
$125 -

$84 -

Hunter rubber rain boot
$125 -

$150 -

Also, I'm in luuuurve with the new Hunter "Turks" Ballet flats.  They're very chanel-inspired and are a perfect replacement for your Reva's on rainy days.


April 27, 2011

Bedroom Inspiration Board

Thanks for all the support during my pity party earlier this week.
We're all doing much better now!
I thought I'd share the inspiration board I've put together for my new master bedroom.
I wanted to bring my coastal chic style to the city.
I'm not a fan of the "beachy" look and lord knows in our area that can be overdone but there is something smart about a coastal inspired palate.
We've already got one coat of Cathedral Gray on the walls and I can tell the dark color is definitely going to take some getting used to.
I've already painted my old dresser with tidewater blue paint and distressed it with briwax in dark walnut to look just the dresser below.
I love the results.
My project for this weekend is to reupholster the headboard from our guest room.
Pictures to come!

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom by JuliaKyle on
Waverly Cross Section Charcoal
$7.63 -

Colette Bed
$1,699 -

Decorative Mirrors | Ballard Designs
$99 -

Granite Linen Cross Hatch Pillow
$72 -

$58 -

Mirror Jodi Orchard Pots Nina Campbell
25 GBP -

Chelsea Dresser, Charlotte Blue
$949 -


April 26, 2011

Keeping it real

~keeping it real~

Yes, those are my white legs and yes, that's my child crawling on nasty concrete in just a t-shirt and diaper.
{I've never even let her wear a dress without bloomers before}
But desperate times call for desperate measures.
Let's just say things pretty much went downhill after my little post yesterday.
We broke down on the side of 95 somewhere in North Carolina and managed to spend over six hours at an abandoned BP-turned service station waiting to get it fixed.  Exit 102 in Micro.  The town name doesn't do it justice.  I think it was the only exit on all of I-95 with no gas stations or fast food.
They had no ac and the bathroom was out of order.
Poor BabyGirl lost her pants after her second poop and after several hours of strolling her around the parking lot and bouncing her in my arms I gave up and let her play.  I put a big blanket down with all of her toys and just laughed when she immediately crawled right off it onto the concrete.
What else could I do?
The workers were so sweet and sent the "office manager" (I use that term very very loosely) all the way to Raleigh to buy a part from the dealership for us because we were traveling with a baby.
So needless to say this is all I've got for you today and to be honest I might not have much for you tomorrow either.  
Lessons learned:  
1.Use self-tanner even when you think no one will see you.  You never know when your husband will snap a quick picture with his phone
2.Grab several outfits for your child before they lift your car on a jack
3. Always travel with snacks and bottled water


April 25, 2011


you’ll never leave where you are until you decide where you’d rather be

Right now I'd rather  be about in bed with a giant cup of coffee.
We've had a fantastic trip but we're all sick.  
BabyGirl is slowly getting better as her parents are slowly getting worse.
We've all got bad colds on top of Spring allergies.
We're packing up the car to head back to Pawleys.
Hope y'all had a fabulous Easter and Spring Break!

April 22, 2011


We're going to be in Richmond for Easter this year and I felt like I needed two outfit choices to mark the occasion.  Also because my outfits last about as long as BabyGirl's do, one feeding cycle tops.
Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch by JuliaKyle featuring green flats
Silk dress
$368 -

Dorothy Perkins coral cocktail dress
50 GBP -

Charlotte Olympia high heels
535 GBP -

Tory Burch ballet flat
$235 -

Dorothy Perkins green flat
18 GBP -

Moonstone earring
$1,415 -

Roberta Chiarella bib necklace
$128 -

Club Manhattan turquoise ring
20 EUR -

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