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May 31, 2011

city art

So I found these on another blog this morning and absolutely had to share!
What a fun way to commemorate all the places you've lived!
Ahh, Charleston my love!
I picked this trio out for my sister Elizabeth and her husband Edmund, it's the three cities they've lived in together and would make a perfect addition framed in big white frames!

Which cities are dear to your heart?

Dahl House Giveaway

I'm so excited to announce my first giveaway here at Pawleys Island Posh.

The Dahl House 
hand painted frames, furniture, and accessories for the home

Here are some of my favorite picture frames

and my personal favorite, the green  monogrammed waste basket and tissue box set!

One winner will get to select a 5x7 frame from the dahl house.  It may be personalized with either a name or monogram
 Become a follower or tell me that you already are one
{Extra Entry}
Tell me where in your home you'd use the frame or what other items you like
Blog, facebook or tweet about it (one entry for each)

*leave a separate comment for each entry*
Contest ends June 7th at midnight (eastern time)


May 30, 2011

First Birthday idea

Holy Crap, it's almost June.
As in the month before July.
When I had a baby.
I've been hoarding pictures of precious parties all over my desktop for months.
Full of cake pops and homemade garlands and candy bars with personalized signs.
Then I saw this


May 27, 2011

Spanx one piece

Pretty pumped about this little find last week.
I'll be sporting it tomorrow for BabyGirl's debut in the baby pool.
 girl, go getcha one here

Speaking of BabyGirl, she'll be rocking this sweet two-piece
pink ric rac, pink whales, smocking and polka dots
I seriously die
*As for the whereabouts of BabyGirl's swimsuit, her MoMo purchased it on pre-order back in February from one of those addicting facebook boutiques

headboard progress

I was trying to decide whether to go with the lighter side or the darker side.
I picked the darker, what do y'all think?


May 26, 2011

shades of light rugs

So you know your favorite online bloggy bloggy sponsor Shades of Light.
It's right here in Richmond bitches and I've been scoring some finds!
Like this pretty pink and green one that now lives in my parent's family room

and we may or may not have purchased on that looks an awful lot like this one for my living room

striped shirt update

Okay, by popular demand I went back and listed the sources for everything I could find!
Go back here to check out where you can buy all those fab outfits!

May 25, 2011

The Fan part 1

Here's a quick sneak peek while BabyGirl is napping!
One of my favorite things about our new neighborhood is that you can walk for miles and stare at all the pretty historic houses and gardens.  I've seriously been a peeping tom looking over people's fences on our nightly walks but I haven't had the balls to actually paparazzi them too.
Don't worry, I will soon!
All of the houses have primarily the same few floor plans and front-scapes scattered about so you don't have to look far to see your own house looking either better or worse to use as inspiration!
Sadly, this time of year is horrible for taking pictures of the houses because despite it's city feel, everything is covered in lush trees and bushes.

 In fact, just a few houses down from ours is the exact same home with a fantastic yellow front door and trimmed trees.  
It's my new inspiration!
A long term plan might eliminate the porch all together in favor of just a patio as the adjoining house has done.
Our house is below and you can see through the trees and bushes that it's the same as above
our new house is just three blocks from the museum district
 The Virginia Museum
 The Virginia Historical Society

We're surrounded by fabulous restaurants and shops literally around the corner from us

A real starbucks, ahh how I've missed you!


The Fan

I've been promising y'all a tour of my new neighborhood and I promise one is coming.  
Here's a quick little teaser to tide you over!


May 24, 2011

Schumacher Wallpaper

One of my favorites recently put in some pretty insane wainscoting in her downstairs and had the top half of the walls painted Benjamin Moore Himalayan Trek.  She wants something elegant in her dining room but because of her open floorplan whatever she chooses needs to really work together with the rest of the downstairs.
Benjamin Moore Himalayan Trek
I went to the schumacher site and selected a few pretties for you my dear.
imperial trellis in charcoal

Bali vine in platinum

Uccello in Aqua

Chenonceau in charcoal

zimba in sweet chartreuse (sorry for the bad quality on this one)

saraceno damask in aquamarine

Wouldn't all of these look loverly atop some thick creamy wainscoting

porch nook




May 23, 2011

rain showers

 found these pictures last week via pintrest
I can't wait to try this out
As per usual lately, I'm exhausted and tired of packing/unpacking while chasing after BabyGirl.
And of course I've been lifting heavy things, barely sat down, eaten not much more than a sandwich and a quick dinner and I've gained 4 lbs.
We've got our computer all hooked up but I've been too tired to blog stalk lately.  
Can't wait to catch up on what y'all have been up to as well!


May 20, 2011

striped shirt

my newest obsession
{the bag is the Tory Burch slouchy straw tote}

 What's your fave?


May 19, 2011

oreo abs

Is it bad that I joined the gym so I can have these
 not these

PS-moving with a nine month old is for the effing birds
Even with help

May 18, 2011

American Outfitters Kids

Umm, why is this amazeness not offered in the US?
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