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June 30, 2011

craft projects

Here are just a few little craft projects I can't wait to try out this summer.

fabric covered blocks
directions here

Thumbtack balls
directions here

Teacup candles

Chevron (fabric) tray

Y'all been crafty lately?

June 29, 2011

one of those days

words of wisdom

We had a storm that knocked out the power last night.
Right before I fixed supper.
uh huh.
BabyGirl was pretty impressed with all the candles everywhere.
They're her new favorite
uh huh
and no AC or TV at bedtime was even more awesome
But not quite as awesome as being awoken from a deep sleep at 3:45am when the power turned back on.  Thankfully we'd left all the lights on so we could see clearly at such  fine hour.
Today is already awesome.
Did I tell y'all I got a note that read something to the extent of "hope you don't mind if I tell you that you suck at parking, let's try to do better next time.  mmmkay, thanks" note on my windshield the other day.
Blah blah blah
I'm parallel parking here biotches and doing just fine.
Allegedly I didn't pull up enough to the corner for one of my neighbors liking.
Three cars could still fit in front of three houses like always.
It so did not warrant a note.
I miss my driveway.
 I'm thinking of printing these up to help pay it forward.
and these too while we're at it.
I'm in a new town meeting lots of new people so this could come in handy
***disclaimer, if I've already met you and you didn't get one of these cards consider yourself lucky.  You or your cute child passed the cut***

June 28, 2011

skirted table

 Despite BabyGirl's love for the 45 minute nap I've actually made some progress in the living room.
My first big project I wanted to tackle on my own was a table skirt for the bookshelf by the front door.
It's the old ugly spray painted bookshelf I talked about here and a catchall for our keys, shoes, bags, mail, etc.
This time I legitimately made a table skirt.
I went for a really simple no sew version not because I can't sew but because I'm too lazy to take the extra steps.
First I found this pattern and used an old white sheet to make sure all the panels worked out before I cut my real fabric.  Now I have a template to use if I ever want to change out the fabric.
I didn't bother to make the top or back pieces.
I wanted the top to be painted a nice glossy white since this was a busy pattern.
After I cut all out the pieces, I used stitch witchery to iron the seams closed on 3 of the four sides leaving the tops with their raw edge.
For the corner pieces I also folded my panels in half and ironed a crisp line into them to help stay nicely in place.  These were the only 4 panels that I stapled at both the top and bottom.

Next I lined up the bottoms with the edge of the floor and folded the top portion under so that the raw edge was facing down and quickly ironed that line into it.
Next I placed the entire panel upside down with the ironed top line placed all the way to the top and began to staple all the way across.   
I added my four corner pieces and one front flap into placed before added my sides and fronts on top.

 Once you flip the panel back right side up there is a nice hemmed looking edge at the top.
I also double folded my inner front pieces in without acting stitching them to they would bubble out a little bit.

With exception to painting the top two coats of glossy white, this whole project only took two naptimes and a trip for BabyGirl with her daddy to Kroger.
Pretty pumped about skirting some other issues in our house!

June 27, 2011

built-in bookshelves

Let the fun begin!
Matthew finished up the built-in bookshelves and now I get to decorate. 
My sweet husband and father both offered me boxes of books to help fill up the space.
{Jill, should that say "sweet husband, and father"?  I'm not actually married to my Dad and I always eff up on the comma thing.}
Well anyway, "fill 'er up" we won't.
I did compromise with Matthew that at least a few of his books could make it to the shelves he so laboriously built.
I'm looking forward to pretty-ing them up with the contents of the storage boxes now residing in our sitting room.
***You might also see a teeny tiny sneak peak of my new rug from Shades of Light.  Being in Richmond has some perks*** 


Original sconces soon to be replaced or rehabbed


go getcha some right here

If you're still bored at work you can go read more about our renovation progress here

June 24, 2011

friday fashion

summer soiree

Trina turk dress
$130 -

Lanvin multi colored heels
$872 -

Kate spade shoes
$225 -

Tory Burch leather clutch handbag
£265 -

Beaded bangle
$105 -

Kate Spade square earrings
$38 -

Ray-Ban metal sunglasses
$159 -


June 23, 2011

stylish rooms

Some of my current favorites

What are y'all loving these days?

June 22, 2011


Dear Amanda, 
Here are some finds for your master bedroom renovation:
 sparkly glass white lights
 clear tub

 fun vanities in bright color or less vibrant


built-in bookshelves

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question that I'm hoping you can help me with: my husband and I just purchased our first house. There's a fireplace in the living room, and we would like to do shelves on both sides (like your doing), but the fireplace isn't very deep. Will shelves look silly if they are built out past the fireplace? Any recommendations?? Thank you, thank you!

Dear Anon:
That is absolutely okay!  In fact, our top shelves are 10';  which is flush with the fireplace.  The bottoms are 12' which sticks out past.  I found some further examples for you where this works!  The best part about custom is that you can make anything work in your space.  The two sides are also not identical proportions because our fireplace is not completely centered in the room.  You just work around these kinks and decorate it so well that it looks symmetrical.
Hope this helps!

hope this helps!
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