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August 30, 2011

Maternity Dresses {top shop}

Three great choices all under $100 ladies!
On the road today to South Carolina!
We'll be in Pawleys by mid-day and Charleston later this week!
What are y'all doing for Labor Day?


August 29, 2011

maternity/non-maternity same way



I decided that I'd make show how you can virtually the same outfit in both maternity and non-maternity ways.  No need for lack of style here mamas!
PS-Is anyone else dying over this ikat scarf?
Y'all getting tired of the maternity posts yet?

leopard print mary janes

for Wells
 eight bucks
I know, right.  
That's why I bought two pairs


August 28, 2011

hurricane irene & an earthquake

Just thought I should check in to let y'all know that we've survived both natural disasters this week!  
Pretty awesome, really.

thanks for all the sweet emails checking in on us.
We lost power for about 24 hours at our house and my parents neighborhood might be out for awhile longer.  Lots of trees down but nothing too bad.
Who'd have thought moving to Richmond from Pawleys would make us MORE susceptible to hurricanes?

August 27, 2011

August 26, 2011

Family Portrait outfit inspiration

sept photoshoot

Okay, Jaime-this one's for you!
Here's an outfit inspiration for another family's photoshoot next week.  
They wanted to stick with blues as well!
This family of four is going to be well coordinated and I can't wait for our session next week!


Yoga clothes

So I got the most comfortable and cute yoga wear last night at one of the lame maternity stores at the mall.  Destination maternity had a host of perky and helpful salesladies with a giant play pen and tv in the center of the store to help occupy my husband and child while I spent 45 minutes picking out sweatpants I normally wouldn't be caught dead in.
But I'm pregnant.  
With a 13 month old.
Oh right.
I'm thinking a well fitting pair of stretch pants might be the best I can do this fall/winter.
I have to say I'm pretty impressed with them so far.
I've been wearing them all day and I feel as good about myself as I would if I'd really gone to yoga not just CVS.
I'm almost 5'9 and these pants are actually long enough which is something I've never been able to find in regular pants.  They're the fold under kind which I'm not usually a fan of though they seem pretty amazing at this stage.  
Let's talk about the tank.
It's a nice creamy white color and soft as my first child's hiney.
It's long enough to cover all that needs to be covered, although definitely not tunic length.  
Super stretchy, and smooth, not ribbed so I lose the wife-beater look.
I also picked up a fabulous pair of over-the-belly black leggings with a fabulous and bulky zipper up the sides.  Pretty sure I owned a similar pair in fifth grade.  
They were on the sale rack and I can't find them anywhere on the website.
What did y'all wear the most of while preggars?

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