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September 30, 2011

Boy Nursery Mood Board 1

There are two major ways I've learned to embrace being pregnant with this baby boy.
1.  Go shopping
2.  Design his nursery

I have about a million ideas and directions I want to go with his identity, err, I mean nursery.
 It clearly needs to represent both myself and my husband.  
With Wells I just wanted a mini-me.
This time, I want a mini-matt.

Y'all know I'm not into "baby" or lord'a'mercy, themes or bedding sets.
So I just went with some colors that seem soothing but not too juvenile.
I tossed in a few nods to Matthew discreetly hidden.
Maybe my next mood board will have mounted mallards, deer heads, and marlin paintings on display.
This one is more me.

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Baby Boy delete

So this is where a really nice post about me coming to terms with having a boy used to be found.
Along with lots of really nice comments from y'all offering plenty of suggestions for finding cute boy clothes in addition to my lone purchase, the trumpette striped socks I found yesterday.

Blah Blah Blah

Thanks a lot blogger for deleting that post without so much as a "were you smoking crack when you hit the delete button?" warning.
Gotta love new layouts.

September 29, 2011

It's a boy!

I must admit y'all were right and I was wrong.
I thought I saw nothing.
But there was obviously something.
Y'all pretty much all predicted boy, which made me laugh because I am so not a mom of boys and I was completely sure this one was another baby girl.
On a happy note, he's healthy and cute as can be.
We had the ultrasound tech, radiology resident, and OB all confirm prenatal perfection.
Oh, and a wee wee.
I made them all double check.



I'll be en route to Louisiana in exactly one week from today to help celebrate one of my most favorite girlfriend's wedding!  First stop, Shrimp Etoufee Welcome Party (well, after a quick nap at the hotel) at a fellow bridesmaid's home.  I've got to start planning some outfits asap!


Speaking of en route, I'm currently on my way back to the doctor for my oh so anticipated ultrasound.  Please please pretty please dear baby, let's cooperate for mommy, k?

September 28, 2011

Plaster mold & moisture issues

Linda said...

What does plaster moisture look like? I have plaster walls that sometimes bubble and have circles that look like moisture, I'm wondering if we have the same thing and how you are treating your problem? My home is 70+ years old, brick exterior w/lathe walls, no insulation, Thanks

Anonymous said...

In this case the moisture was obvious in the form of mold. There was a spot 3'x4' all the way down to the brick mortar. Once I stripped all of the wallpaper in the room I noticed a few other spots that were just bubbling, this is also caused my moisture attempting to evaporate from the brick. Our wall construction is the same as yours. As far as treating I stripped all of the paper off the walls and in some cases even the skim coat. I cleaned the walls with a product called SHOCKWAVE The next step in the process is AFTERSHOCK
This product is applied just like paint, once it dried I just primed the walls with two coats of KILZ Premium and that was that. I had a mold specialist come to the house and test the wall which was around 40% moisture content. Its a good idea to get your spots looked at, mold is never good. Hope this helps!
In this case, anonymous is my husband, Matthew.
he not only reads my blog but called me to ask if I wanted him to answer Linda's question.
Isn't he amazeballs?
Just wanted to check in real quick!  Sorry I've been MIA for a few days.  We stayed down in Pawleys for a few days longer than expected and y'all know I can't figure out how to post from my phone.  Anyway!  I'll be back tomorrow to catch up with everyone and return emails, comments, etc.!

September 26, 2011

Gaddie & Tood

So my sweet little nephew Graham is turning THREE soon and my fabulous sister is awesome enough to throw him not one, but two amazing themed birthday parties!
One for his new friends at his new school in Nashville and one for the folks back home in Louisville.
Firetrucks & Circus

Once again, she enlisted the help of Robin from Gaddie and Tood to create a custom and cohesive ready-made theme.  
She did not dissapoint.
I'm loving the color schemes and the chevron is to die for.

Circus Party


be sure to check her blog and find her on facebook


Check out the pictures from Graham's train party last year here, her friend Erin's alphabet party for her daughter here, and the shower both girls threw for another friend here.


September 22, 2011

Five days five ways

So excited to have a wonderful guest blogger here today!  
Abbie is going to help us all out with some fun fashion finds!
Gotta love that girl!
Hi there, folks! I’m so excited that Julia is having me by for a visit to chat with you, her fabulous readers, about thrifty fashion.
My name is Abbie from Five days…5 ways and Secondhand or Bare Bottom. Yes, that’s right. I run not one but two blogs. Because being a mama to three children under 6, teaching fitness classes, trying to keep my house reasonably clean, knocking out a few DIY projects now and then, and spending time with my amazing husband doesn’t keep me busy enough.
Uh huh.
Here’s a quick peak at some of the things that I’ve been up to at Five days…5 ways, my primary blog where I write about a different theme for each day of the week (Move-it Monday—fitness, Try-it Tuesday—tutorials, Wardrobe Wednesday—fashion, 5 Things Thursday—a list with pics of 5 items on my mind, and Feature Friday— what/whomever I want to feature that day):
When I’m not crafting or cooking or DIYing something-or-other, I love putting together fun and funky ensembles for next to no money.
Honestly, if you had told me even six months ago that I would write a style blog, I probably would have a) asked, “What’s a style blog?” and b) said, “Yeah, right!” once you explained it to me.
Don’t get me wrong. I love style. And I think that I’m at least competent at combining various pieces for a cohesive look, but blogging about it had never occurred to me until I started posting some of my low-dollar, high-style looks on my Wardrobe Wednesday segment at 5D5W.
You see, I buy almost all of my clothes at Goodwill. And by “almost all,” I mean probably 95% of my closet (click to view my master closet transformation). I’ve always been thrifty, even before I became obsessed with thrifting, but I never thought much of it until my readers started responding with, “I can’t BELIEVE you found that at Goodwill!” or, “I can’t BELIEVE you only paid $10 for that outfit, shoes and accessories included” (no, I didn’t leave out a zero; ten smackeroos!).
And it was then that I realized that I really could dress myself from the top of my head down to my toes in 100% thrifted fashion and look great doing it.

Top: Forever 21/Goodwill ($3), Skirt: Goodwill ($4), Belt: GW ($1), Shoes: Kenneth Cole for Tribeca ($3), Bag: GW ($3) Jewelry: Goodwill ($3), Rubber band: c/o I-forgot-that-was-on-my-wrist
TOTAL: $17
I call that ruffly purse my “Bugs Bunny” bag, since I could probably load it up with a brick, Bugs-style, and whack you upside the head with it, and you wouldn’t complain. It’s that cute.

Top: At Last/Goodwill ($3), Jeans: Abercrombie/GW ($5), Shoes: Calico/GW ($3), Belt: GW ($1), Purse: Vintage Saddle River/GW ($4), Earrings: GW ($2), Bracelet: Gift from the hubs
TOTAL: $18
Anthro shoes, a vintage quilted leather purse, and more ruffles. *LOVE*

Sparkly tank: Old Navy/Goodwill ($3), Ruffled shirt: Ann Taylor Loft/GW ($3), Jeans: Miss Me/GW ($5), Shoes: Target/clothes-swap ($0), Earrings: GW ($2), Belt: GW ($1), Purse: GW ($3), Bracelet (which reads, “Boo loves Alby”): made by moi
TOTAL: $17
More ruffles (a theme, perhaps?), designer jeans, and killer accessories. Did I mention I got every bit of this at Goodwill?
How about one more?

Dress: Goodwill ($5), Tank: GW ($2), Belt: GW ($1), Necklace: GW ($1), Earrings: Gifted, Shoes: Gifted
Seriously, apparently I’ve never met a ruffle I didn’t like.
So, have I convinced you that you too can look fabulous without ever setting foot in a retail store?
I hope so. But if you’re a thrifting novice and you feel lost about where to even start, let me recommend a guest-post I did for The Pleated Poppy’s popular What I Wore Wednesday segment where I shared some of my most helpful thrifting tips.
It will at least point you in the right direction.
And because my motto is, “If you can’t tell the difference, you shouldn’t have to pay for it,” I’ve also started a series at Five day…5 ways called Thrifted or Grifted, where you try to guess which between two outfit is 100% thrifted and which is 100% retail, and then you vote. It’s loads of fun!
I hope you’ll stop by and say hi at either/both of my blogs, and I’d love to hear any thrifty shopping tips you have to share.
Thanks so much for reading along with me today and again to Julia for hosting me. What a gal!
Oh, and I’m dying to know…what’s the best fashion deal, thrifting or otherwise, you’ve ever scored?

September 21, 2011

behind the lens

behind the lens

So I've been sharing lots of outfit inspiration for my clients lately and I thought it would be fun to show off what I wear behind the lens.
Glamorous, right?
I know every single one of my clients is laughing while reading this, saying, yes, throw in a messy pony tail and that is exactly right!
I've done a lot of research on how to dress professionally at a shoot and most other photographers recommend a more polished look with jeans and blazers and such.
Sorry friends, I need to be more comfortable than that.
I spend most of my time on the ground rolling around barefoot so a good pair of leggings and easy to kick off flats are a must.
I also suggest layers because, number one, they hide your behind which should never show in leggings, and two, they're easy to take off when things get moving and you get hot.
I'm also a fan of scarves because they make you look more pulled together and they're always helpful for a number of reasons during the shoot.
I also always wear my glasses and not contacts because I can't afford to get some speck of dust in my eye or lose a contact during a session.
I always bring my tote full of tricks because it's sturdy and easier to access things from than a large bag.
*The camera bag here is just a dream*
oh, and a starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte with whip.
almost as necessary as my camera.

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