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October 31, 2011


can we talk about the fabulousness of this photo?

The bookshelves, the creamy grey molding, the glass top coffee table, the perfect taupe sectional?
And let's not overlook her leboutins and perfect lounging liquor nap


Trick or Treat

So pumped to take my little bumblebee trick or treating tonight.

{She's already sampled the pumpkin spice hershey kisses and peanut m&m's}


October 30, 2011

gigi and zaza {boys shoes}

I'm making it my mission to find stylish boys clothes that don't include dinosaurs, airplanes, or sports paraphernalia.

Y'all on board?
The blue suede shoes are too precious and could be worn with a smocked jon jon bubble or some hipster grey skinny jeans.
whatever you're into, these will work.

I'm pretty sure it's still never going to be quite as fun to dress baby boy as it is to style my girl Wells though.
Excuse the quality
{camera phone pic via facebook uploader}


October 28, 2011

seeing stripes

Far from original, I still adore a nice stripe in a nursery.

 How about y'all?


October 27, 2011

back up your hard drive

Even mundane tasks can be funny

something good

yesterday could have been too much.
Doctor running 40 minutes late.
Glucose test.
Rhogam Shot.
Nap interrupted.  Again.
Wild Child.
but somehow it wasn't
Doctor reviewed my surgical chart from previous c-section and determined I'm actually not a candidate for a v-bac even if I'd wanted to be.
It seems they had some trouble getting Wells out and had to make a vertical incision on top of the horizontal incision on my uterus.
So I felt that the decision was in God's hands and not mine and I felt better about that.
We picked a date.
An official holy crap I'm having another baby on that date date.
Wells threw my shoe over the railing upstairs straight to the first floor.
I gave her my toughest mom look and said 
"Wells that is NOT okay.  We do NOT throw things over the edge like that"
She promptly walked backwards slowly into her room, hid behind her door and stayed there for a few minutes.
She put herself in time out.
I was so proud of her.
And I got to photograph a brand new beautiful baby girl!

October 26, 2011

Julia Ryan Photography

Don't forget to give your loved ones the gift of memories this Christmas!

Gift Certificates can be mailed through December 19th to ensure delivery into your favorite stocking.
E-Certificates are also available and can be emailed directly to your inbox up until noon on December 24th for those elves making a late start on their holiday shopping!

October 25, 2011

Christmas Card Family Photo outfit ideas Part 2

Okay so here's a follow up to my previous post on Christmas card family photo outfit ideas.  I'm not sure if it's a glitch in polyvore or blogger but it wouldn't let me add any text or make changes to the post.
You might remember this post featuring a precious family I photographed early this summer in Murrels Inlet or the outfit inspiration I came up for them here.
Well it's Christmas time and they're back for more!
Jaime enlisted my help once again to pull together a cohesive look for her family to wear in their Christmas card photo.
I kept the preppy style but went with a more formal look this time.
Won't all that navy and green looking smashing against a red christmas backdrop?
It's smart to keep in mind the style of the card you plan to use when choosing your outfits for a designated Chrsitmas card photoshoot.


Family Christmas Card


travel ideas

Remember that awful experience I had getting home from Louisiana I blogged about here?
The upside, continental issued me a travel voucher to reimburse me for my experience.
At the time, it did not do justice.
However, I'm not pretty pumped to start planning my first post baby adventure on their tab.
Of course the whole trip will not be free so it does have it's limitations.
But I can pretty much take myself anywhere and if I'm savvy enough, bring my husband along for the ride.
Spring Break 2012
Here. Mama. Comes
So tell me, where do I need to visit?
Tell me your favorite travel destinations.
Best or Worst recommendations.

PS-going in for my glucose test and a rhogam shot this morning.
I don't do sugary sweets or shots well.
Wish me luck :)


winter white


I'm currently loving winter whites and cool neutrals. 
How about y'all?


October 24, 2011

toddler boy room

toddler boy room

This is a first draft for my sweet friend Amanda's little boy Shep.
He's almost two and a half and ready to upgrade to a big boy room.
Nothing too preppy or fussy for this little man.
But I couldn't quite bring myself to decorate his sweet little room in skull & crossbones either.


designer pumpkins

Halloween is coming!  
Are you ready?


October 23, 2011

Charleston family Photography

Now booking in Charleston for November!  

All photo shoots booked now for the month of November will be receive complementary rush delivery so that your images can be used for Christmas cards!



So y'all know I'm not one to always get on here and talk about religion.
But I found this precious etsy shop over the weekend and thought it was such a fresh way to display scripture in your home. 
PS-we're trying out our first Church in Richmond today.
Only took us six months.
Sundays are just so hard for us to get motivated.
We found a church in Pawleys that we adored and we're hesitant to start comparison shopping for fear that nothing here will stand out.
And Sunday mornings are our quiet time.
Just the three of us.
I know God is there.
But I want Wells to know that God is in Church too.
{well, the nursery anyway}

October 22, 2011


Today I sat down on the potty and peed my pants.
I pulled up my dress but forgot to pull down my panties.
That's a new low.
I'm just starting my third trimester and my almost 15 month old child woke up by 5am every morning this week.  
Yesterday it was 4:40am.
Sometimes we make her cry it out a bit and she falls back asleep until closer to six.
But I don't.
I lie there awake dreading starting yet another day so tired.
She lasts until 8pm with only a 40-60 minute nap most days.
We visit a minimum of 2-3 playgrounds a day just to keep her entertained.
I'm exhausted.
I'm nervous that this exhaustion is only going to be compounded when Baby Boy arrives in just two months.  I can only hope then I'll make it to the potty at all.
One day I'll re-read this post and be so embarrassed to be an over sharer that I'll feel the need to delete it.
Or maybe I'll just be thankful that I'm not so tired that day.
I'm not trying to complain or looking for sympathy.  Just wanted to make sure all the other tired moms out there don't feel alone in their exhaustion.  Or maybe I'm just taking one for the team by allowing y'all to think to yourselves, geeze, I'm not that bad as her.


Caitlin Wilson Textiles

Caitlin Wilson, you make me swoon.

I want Wells' big girl bed to look exactly like this one day.
For now, let's stay in the crib dear child.
She's already waking us up at the crack of dawn singing and dancing in her crib.
I can only imagine the pitter patter we'll here all night long once she realizes there's an escape hatch, or better yet, a bed without walls.


October 21, 2011

land rovers and planes

This post is just for you honey.
You can't say I only look at shoes and room inspirations.
Sometimes I find things that make me think of you.
PS-Thanks for taking Wells to the park later so I can nap :)

Newborn Photography

Meet Baby Burke
 This sweet surprise came over four weeks early and was just 5lbs when I met him.
He slept through almost our entire session.
He woke up just once to give me the woman, you're crazy look before drifting back to sleep.

...and we're done!
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