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January 30, 2012

nursery sneak peek

Alright so I've got a little sneak peek of Tag's nursery for y'all today.
I can't give full on reveal pics because it's not quite finished.

Just a few more details need to be added.
Like painting or wallpapering the inside of his bookshelf and adding some of his newborn pictures into frames. I also have some custom art projects in mind to make the space more personal and help fill up some wall space.

And I have the same debacle I had in my living room in regards to my sweet little helper Wells loving to get every single blanket and outfit out of baskets and drawers for me every time she goes in there.
She also likes to handle and appreciate every single item placed on a table or shelf within her reach.  Usually by the time they both go down for a nap and I get the room tidied up to take pictures either she or Tag wakes up.

I wanted to keep things on the masculine side of neutral and only use pieces that will serve a purpose for him when he's older as well.  No baby themes or overly baby things in this room. 

I had just finished Wells' nursery in Pawleys when I had to do another one for her in Richmond because of course not all the furniture and custom window treatments worked in her new room.  And now I have to start saving up for her big girl room.  And then there was Tag's nursery.  All in less than two years.  I'm basically just bypassing the baby stage for Tag's room so a big boy room will transition even easier.

Minus ditching the cribs.  
I plan to keep my babes safely behind bars until they go to kindergarten and their friends mock them into sneaking out and into twin beds!

You might recognize the ikat pillow from my living room sneak peek.
I made those pillow covers as well as the crib skirt and roman shades.

More on that later. 
I'm going to need a glass of wine to talk about those projects.
A big glass.

I also created the three pieces of art for his room.
I wanted something modern and colorful.
I used the creeks in Pawleys Island and the beaches in Charleston where we used to live as my inspiration to bring a little of our coastal life there to him here.
check out some details on the fabric and furniture in this post here.


  1. Um love it. I want to curl up there too, so I know Tag loves it. Can't wait to see the rest. Wish I could pop up for a visit!

  2. So gorgeous.You did a great job and it will transition so easy!

  3. Dying for that fabric! Where did you find it??

  4. I love love love that changing table!!!

  5. Love the ikat drapes and pillow, as well as the artwork! Great job, love!



  6. Great job; loving the sneak peek... can't wait for the big reveal!!

  7. You are amazing. AMAZING Julia! I'm already completely in love with this room. Can't wait to see more :)

  8. Love everything!! Especially the artwork I know you painted:). Looks so serene! Can't wait for the full reveal!

  9. That is a beautiful room. Love the changing table and your artwork. You are so talented!

  10. LOVE everything, not that I am at all surprised!! I can't wait to see it all!! You are amazing girl!!

  11. It looks beautiful. Can't wait to see the final product!

  12. Perfection my dear! I love everything about this room!!! You are seriously amazing Love!

  13. Love it! The art work looks great. Can't wait to see more!

  14. Love it. I would love to know who did the stack of books if you are sharring.

  15. Oh I just love it!! That piece you're using as the changing die!!!! And the whole crib thing...honey I am right with you. Mine both stayed in theirs until almost 5. They loved them, it was their 'special, safe place' And mommy loved keeping them corraled at naptime and in the morning! I even went so far as to get a crib tent when they hit that stage of wanting out. Nipped that in the bud!! Only took a few nights before the tent came off and they never climbed out again. I'm sure i'd get some haters for it...but my happiness was worth it! ;)

  16. I love the abstract art - love love love.

  17. Love this! I pinned it. Love how it's not too precious, but still not ignorant of the tiny person living there!

  18. LOVE the looks of the nursery...would love to see a full reveal! We're expecting our first boy this June and trying to pull the details together on the nursery. Love how you added sophisticated touches...something for me to consider! :)

  19. Oh my! You made the art?! I LIVE!


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