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January 4, 2012

Organizing checklist

 Do y'all stalk Meg like I do?
Girl is crazy talented.

If so,  you've probably already seen her amazing New Year checklists she's graciously shared for her readers.  
You can print or download your own here & here.
The'll pretty up your fridge and make you feel oh so productive.

So freaking true Meg, so freaking true.
This one I plan to print off and put in a nice white ribba frame just inside my closet door


  1. Love this! Just pinned it! Hope you are doing well…waiting impatiently to hear… :)

  2. Umm awesome list. Now if I could just get off my but and tackle some things off this list!

  3. I think I need this one framed, too!!! Gah! It's so easy to let it get away from you and to rationalize keeping crap that I *know* I'm not gonna wear...(c: You might have just given me the shove in the right direction that I needed! (c:


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