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January 5, 2012


Did y'all see the post I did over at Shelli's blog a few weeks ago sharing what's in my bag.
It's a fun series that let's us all snoop in other ladies purses.
You know you want to.
Well I have a feeling things might be filling up in there a bit quicker these days now that I'm packing for two babies outside of the house.

Here's the proof that life with just Wells was oh so simple and I had no idea.
I plan to share a similar post again if I ever venture outside of the living room with both babies.
Just a warning, don't hold your breathe!
 Louis Vuitton Speedy 30
{a gift from my husband (then still just my boyfriend)}

old target reciept
samsung droid phone (am I the only chick with no iPhone?)
two fabric samples
golf balls
GoGo Squeeze applestrawberry sauce
ditto above but the trash from an old one
nuby baby spoon
hair bow
sippy cup
original iPod nano from the early 2000's (ha)
wallet (old coach one busted back out from my door room days) with attached house keys and gym membership I swiftly dropped
Louis Vuitton makeup bag:
brush comb thingy
hairties and bobbypins
Trish McEvoy Beauty Booster
Smith's Rosebud Salve
Trish McEvoy pressed powder
Trish McEvoy assorted glosses and lip crayons
Bobbi Brown brush
Sally Hansen clear nail polish
Aveda hand relief cream
Tape Measure

She does this awesome series all the time so be sure to go check out every body else's junk too!


  1. Hehehe... I have a feeling that when we have another I'll end up using a roll behind bag just to get me in and out of the store for a gallon of milk :D

  2. WOW you are like Mary Poppins with all that fitting in to your Speedy bag! I am impressed. Love the Aveda hand cream- that stuff works miracles.



  3. congrats on the new baby! just fyi...there's a recall on the original ipod nano...check the apple website. i returned mine via their recall program and just got a brand new nano in the mail and it is SWEET.

  4. You bag looks like the norm for a mom! LOL. Are those shades Gucci, they look just like mine.

  5. I love your bag, I have the same one except mine is the damier ebene. The contents of my purse are very similar to yours, but I have no cute little hairbows ;)

  6. You DO NOT want to see the contents of my purse! I do not want to see the contents of my purse;) where are pics of baby boy?

  7. I have the same phone! Love this blog post!


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