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January 17, 2012

two weeks

Happy two week Birthday Baby Tag!

So glad you finally decided to wake up.
{but not too often, okay?}
Smart little guy wakes up and needs some love every time Wells is sleeping or someone offers to take her off my hands for a bit.
Smart one.
He's already learned to snatch up that precious one on one snuggle time when he can get it.

Wells is getting sweeter and sweeter with her "Tah"
She loves to talk about him and wave at him.  She tells me he needs a bot every time he cries and runs to help me fix one.
{aka, drags me to the kitchen even if it's not meal time}

She's a bit afraid of him though and won't really go near him and says no anytime we ask if she wants to hold him or touch his toes.
This might be a good thing really.

I'm working on her so I can get a picture of them together.


  1. Sounds like she's being a perfect big sister :) Love that she already has a nickname for him too.

  2. What a cute story! I love that. This baby is beautiful my dear!!!



  3. What a beautiful little boy! Absolutely precious.

  4. Stunning baby boy... Stunning!

  5. seriously girl he is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  6. Tag is just precious! Wells will come around. It took Evie a bit too. We had to use some interesting techniques to get pictures of them together at first.

  7. He is precious!! What a good looking' baby boy! :)



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